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The Finest of South Florida Dining

Enjoy the coasts of South Florida with a myriad of impeccable cuisine that can only be delivered by five-star excellence! Nothing short of a Michelin experience when it comes to fine dining, our team of highly seasoned culinary visionaries is here to provide your discriminating palette with a memorable experience that will keep you wanting for more.

A Well-Rounded Culinary Experience

From a simple amuse-bouche, delectable entrée s that creates a vision of sophistication and envelops your palette with flavors that are truly inspired, a full course of South Florida influences that are truly delectable and equate to the finery of life’s dining pleasures, Timo has successfully integrated the best of both worlds in our menu. We guarantee a melting pot of flavors with innovative recipes and world classes take on some of the most popular and requested dishes served this side of the coast.

Fusion Elegance

Timo Restaurant and Bar prides itself for innovation and setting the trend in the dining world, with its fusion creativity and a detail for the versatile palate. Our Italian –Mediterranean medley can only be matched by our appetite to come up with dishes that best describe our passion for a superb dining experience that can only be reveled by royalty itself. We believe in playing the strengths of the prominent flavors per time of year which is why our menu changes within each season – giving you a refreshing Italian-Mediterranean take on some of the most popular contemporaries that are loved worldwide.

Ambiance Built to Perfection

The most memorable dining experience doesn’t just end with good company and good food. We at Timo have made the commitment to provide you with surroundings that nurture your appetite and make you feel confident and celebratory. Our restaurant is the perfect venue for important events in your life that need that extra pizzazz or for those moments where you simply want to feel, and be treated like the royalty that you are. Hold your birthdays, wedding rehearsals, proposals and important business meetings in our venue for a guaranteed successful event that your friends and colleagues won’t soon forget.

Versatility At Your Convenience

Timo’s love affair with flavors is easily reflected with the abundance of menu options that extend per course and meal time. You won’t ever feel boxed into a menu set that is constant from a luncheon to your dinner because each course is designed to play its strengths when it comes to packing every flavorful morsel with every bite. We have everything from fine meats, premium seafood to vegetarian options as part of our commitment to provide you with the most impeccable dining experience you will ever have. Looking for serenity in a bowl? Try our Cream of Fennel Soup with Smoked Wild King Salmon or go for the Butternut Squash Pizzette if you are feeling bubbly and flirty when it comes to your palette choice! We want you to have the best of both worlds so don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a gastronomic epiphany, dine with us and see the difference.


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