Home Based Jobs in the Philippines: Great Opportunities for the Working Mom

More often than not, a woman is forced to give up her career once she becomes a mother. It has been a gender stereotype that women have to stay at home and care for babies while the man goes out and earns a living.  Times have changed a lot since the internet became prevalent. If before, the career woman had to stop everything she was doing to take care of her babies, now she can nurse an infant while maintaining an online career.

Philippines – home of the VAs

Home based jobs in the Philippines continue to increase as more and more entrepreneurs turn to Filipinos for their admin, clerical, web and even financial work. Virtual assistants do everything from arrange doctor’s appointments to scheduling meetings and even transcribing speeches or lectures.  And, it is here that majority of home-based moms have been able to forge a new career for themselves. With forgiving schedules, competitive pay rates, and the freedom to work from the comforts of your own home, home based jobs are a viable alternative to regular 9 to 5 work.

Challenging and rewarding

Besides work as virtual assistants, there are also plenty of other opportunities. If writing is your passion, you can become a freelance blog or content writer. If you have more time in your hands, you can even work fulltime for a client based abroad.  One can also work as a programmer, web designer, artist or even an online English teacher.

Like any other job, one will also face challenges and some difficulties with home based jobs. In the Philippines, power outages are a reality and weather conditions always affect internet connection. Be prepared with a back up laptop and an internet stick so that you can still report for work whatever the conditions may be. 

So if you’re a Mom who misses the demands of corporate life but is hesitant to leave your children at home, take heart. There are plenty of opportunities waiting for you online.