What Can You Do to Increase your Chances of Getting Hired at OnlineJobs.PH?

The recently concluded Davao Start Up Weekend which was sponsored by OnlineJobs.Ph proved to be a successful event in more ways than one. While employees and budding entrepreneurs converged to pitch their business ideas, it was also a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.


For Virtual Assistant Ronald Ramboanga, the event was doubly successful. Besides gaining knowledge and ideas on how to set up his own business, Ronald received a message that he has been hired by an employer at OnlineJobs.PH. The offer was for a full time position as a Virtual Assistant.

Online Jobs.PH was designed for employers abroad who need skilled Filipino workers. They browse through thousands of resumes for workers whom they feel will be suited for the job. For workers, the site is free to use. Interested workers can work either full time or part time or on a per project basis by uploading their updated resume on the account they have created. OnlineJobs.PH advocates the work from home career, and most of the time, you can do your work at your preferred hours.

Is a Resume Enough?

All Smiles. Ronald Ramboanga gets hired while at the Davao Start Up Weekend
All Smiles. Ronald Ramboanga gets hired while at the Davao Start Up Weekend

Like office career applications, a simple resume is sometimes not enough. Ronald advises that as an applicant, you should be conscious with the contents and details of your profile which will be seen by possible employers. It can be as simple and concise as you want, but the important information should all be there. For as long as these details are specific and true, employers will immediately see if they will consider you to be hired and give you the job.

More importantly, your future employers should also be able to verify your identity as well as the other credentials that you have provided.

“When I updated my profile, I made sure that I can verify my identity as a real person by uploading a photo and an ID issued by the government. With regard to rating your skills, always consider honesty in your personal assessment. You must not rate yourself that high if you are not that skilled,” Ronald advised.

Although it took several months before a good offer came along, it was clearly worth the wait. He was hired for a full time post with a respectable starting salary. Ronald’s client was very impressed with his skills and experience that he was hired immediately. He wants to share his enthusiasm to other OnlineJobs.PH job seekers by giving these tips.

Top 5 tips to increase a worker’s chances of getting hired:

a. Upload a professional primary photo and not a regular selfie.

b. Upload an identification card issued by the government to verify your identity.

c. Complete all personal details especially the skills summary.

d. Rate your skills with with honestly.

e. When you apply, always proofread your cover letter. As much as possible, do not use saved templates.


Ronald’s is just one of thousands of success stories at OnlineJobs.PH. You or a friend or loved one can be the next. All you need is courage to take the first steps. Upload your resume and complete the necessary details. To increase your chances, you should also take the skills tests found online. These are not mandatory, but taking them would show potential employers that you are more than qualified for the position they are looking for.

If you’re applying as a content writer or editor, it is to be expected that your English writing and vocabulary skills are above average. For other fields of expertise, a basic understanding of the English language and average communication skills are also expected since the potential employers are foreigners.

For Ronald, he is finally happy to find a job where his skills and experience are useful and appreciated.

“Thank you very much OnlineJobs for serving as a medium for me to get a full time job opportunity. With the type of services you rendered to online workers, I am given the privilege to work anywhere I want as long as I am comfortable to accomplish my duties and responsibilities. Your platform is what Virtual Assistants like me is looking for. I’ve been hired because clients trusted my profile since these clients already trust OnlineJobs.PH,” Ronald concludes.

You too can start a work-at-home career at OnlineJobs.Ph. Just create a free jobseeker profile at http://www.onlinejobs.ph and you’ll have access to hundreds of new jobs everyday!

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