Merging Humans And Artificial Intelligence Technology For Future Survival


Tesla and Space X CEO, Elon Musk said on Monday that humans must merge with machines in order to avoid becoming obsolete in the age of artificial intelligence.

Speaking before the World Government Summit in Dubai on Monday, the billionaire entrepreneur known for his futuristic ideas and bold concepts, posed the necessity of merging the human body with artificial intelligence to remain relevant.

A CNBC report also quoted Musk as saying that robots will eventually become better at doing jobs once done by humans and replace them in the workforce. This is the reason behind his proposal to create a “high-bandwidth interface to the brain” which he said would help humans enjoy the best of both human and machine intelligence.

Popular Science expounds on Musk’s theory. The tech pioneer stressed that a human brain needs artificial intelligence to compute faster and handle more complex tasks. However, although this sounds like an ingenious solution, the technology is still decades away from being ready. Current brain-computer interfaces are limited at best, so this daring challenge may be nothing but another fanciful idea.

Real Problems

But while Musk’s suggestion is far from achievable, the problem he wants to address is very real. Industries have been looking at automating jobs which have previously heavily relied upon manual labor. Researchers said 78% of these jobs, including majority of processing and data collecting tasks, will soon be taken over by machines or robots.

The transportation sector for one, will be replaced by fleets of self-driving vehicles. The technology is still being tested, but manufacturers are inching closer and closer to having a system that can ensure safe and accident-free travel for millions of people.

Musk believes that when machines take over tasks previously done by humans, economies will collapse. This is why he believes that people should get an “upgrade” through human-brain symbiosis.

Additionally, the Tesla chief stressed on being prepared economically and socially when the AI age is ushered in. Digital transformation, as well as advancements in computer technology, is making this day arrive sooner than we think.

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Driverless Cars: Riding In The Cars Of The Future


Self-driving technology is becoming more advanced with companies such as Alphabet, refining and testing the technology ready to become the next big thing in the transportation industry.

According to the Financial Times, Alphabet has moved ahead of the competition with a more mature and comprehensive system. This was based on recent data which have been released by California regulators.

Alphabet’s Waymo is being tested more often and for longer hours compared to other autonomous vehicle manufacturers. Reports said the bold idea has now become very accurate, needing a human to decide on safety issues roughly about 0.2 times for every thousand miles it has traveled.

After Waymo, the California Department of Motor Vehicles reports that BMW, Ford, and Nissan are the most accurate autonomous vehicle systems. The race to perfect the driverless car technology is becoming more cut-throat and bolder. Since there are currently no laws governing self-driving cars, reports such as these are the readers’ only window to developments.

How far is the driverless car from being rolled out in the market? Nobody really knows.

Car analyst Mike Ramsey says the California DMV data proves that Google’s Waymo system has pulled ahead of the pack. Moreover, the state’s stringent reporting rules may have pushed other car makers to other areas when they don’t have to be transparent about their test numbers. Two of these companies are Honda and Volkswagen.

California is the chosen spot for testing driverless vehicles because a lot of autonomous vehicle manufacturers have labs in the Bay Area. The focal point in this bold idea is paring back the number of times a human driver has to take over the wheel to the fewest instances. While Waymo is in a comfortable position, German manufacturer Bosch appears to be lagging behind. While the company also creates the sensors for autonomous vehicles, their system requires the most number of human safety interventions.

Bosch spokesman Tim Wieland was quick to defend the company’s stance. He says the company’s research center was geared more towards advanced development and was conducting a different line of tests for the benefit of its consumers.

Alphabet on the other hand, does not manufacture its own cars but it is recognized as one of the forerunners in testing autonomous vehicle systems. Next to them, online transportation network Uber has also been investing a lot of money in driverless research and testing. However, since the company failed to apply for a state permit, regulators slapped them with a cease-and-desist order in December.

In the meantime, as the exhaustive testing continues, there are those who wonder if this concept in transportation is still way ahead of its time.

NBC News touched on the moral dilemma involved in the algorithms of autonomous vehicle systems. While the focus was to create the safest vehicle possible, there will always be situations where human discretion would be critical.

Karl Iagnemma, CEO of NuTonomy, a Cambridge-based company which has pioneered self-driving taxis in Singapore, says they have attacked the problem from a practical and engineering standpoint. The self-driving systems are still being refined and tested since these algorithms will later on be making decisions which have a critical impact on real, human lives. Car sensors should also be able to cope and adjust to weather conditions which could change dramatically in just a few minutes.

If driverless cars become a reality, people won’t be needing licenses by the year 2040. Wired Magazine made a bold prediction that by that time, more than 75 percent of vehicles on the road will already be self-driven.

Cars running on autopilot may have been the stuff of science fiction movies a few years ago. However, it’s only a few months away from becoming a reality. If a driverless car pull up at your driveway to pick you up, would you be bold enough to get in?

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What Can You Do to Increase your Chances of Getting Hired at OnlineJobs.PH?

The recently concluded Davao Start Up Weekend which was sponsored by OnlineJobs.Ph proved to be a successful event in more ways than one. While employees and budding entrepreneurs converged to pitch their business ideas, it was also a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.


For Virtual Assistant Ronald Ramboanga, the event was doubly successful. Besides gaining knowledge and ideas on how to set up his own business, Ronald received a message that he has been hired by an employer at OnlineJobs.PH. The offer was for a full time position as a Virtual Assistant.

Online Jobs.PH was designed for employers abroad who need skilled Filipino workers. They browse through thousands of resumes for workers whom they feel will be suited for the job. For workers, the site is free to use. Interested workers can work either full time or part time or on a per project basis by uploading their updated resume on the account they have created. OnlineJobs.PH advocates the work from home career, and most of the time, you can do your work at your preferred hours.

Is a Resume Enough?

All Smiles. Ronald Ramboanga gets hired while at the Davao Start Up Weekend
All Smiles. Ronald Ramboanga gets hired while at the Davao Start Up Weekend

Like office career applications, a simple resume is sometimes not enough. Ronald advises that as an applicant, you should be conscious with the contents and details of your profile which will be seen by possible employers. It can be as simple and concise as you want, but the important information should all be there. For as long as these details are specific and true, employers will immediately see if they will consider you to be hired and give you the job.

More importantly, your future employers should also be able to verify your identity as well as the other credentials that you have provided.

“When I updated my profile, I made sure that I can verify my identity as a real person by uploading a photo and an ID issued by the government. With regard to rating your skills, always consider honesty in your personal assessment. You must not rate yourself that high if you are not that skilled,” Ronald advised.

Although it took several months before a good offer came along, it was clearly worth the wait. He was hired for a full time post with a respectable starting salary. Ronald’s client was very impressed with his skills and experience that he was hired immediately. He wants to share his enthusiasm to other OnlineJobs.PH job seekers by giving these tips.

Top 5 tips to increase a worker’s chances of getting hired:

a. Upload a professional primary photo and not a regular selfie.

b. Upload an identification card issued by the government to verify your identity.

c. Complete all personal details especially the skills summary.

d. Rate your skills with with honestly.

e. When you apply, always proofread your cover letter. As much as possible, do not use saved templates.


Ronald’s is just one of thousands of success stories at OnlineJobs.PH. You or a friend or loved one can be the next. All you need is courage to take the first steps. Upload your resume and complete the necessary details. To increase your chances, you should also take the skills tests found online. These are not mandatory, but taking them would show potential employers that you are more than qualified for the position they are looking for.

If you’re applying as a content writer or editor, it is to be expected that your English writing and vocabulary skills are above average. For other fields of expertise, a basic understanding of the English language and average communication skills are also expected since the potential employers are foreigners.

For Ronald, he is finally happy to find a job where his skills and experience are useful and appreciated.

“Thank you very much OnlineJobs for serving as a medium for me to get a full time job opportunity. With the type of services you rendered to online workers, I am given the privilege to work anywhere I want as long as I am comfortable to accomplish my duties and responsibilities. Your platform is what Virtual Assistants like me is looking for. I’ve been hired because clients trusted my profile since these clients already trust OnlineJobs.PH,” Ronald concludes.

You too can start a work-at-home career at OnlineJobs.Ph. Just create a free jobseeker profile at and you’ll have access to hundreds of new jobs everyday!

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An Insider’s Tips: Best Practices When Applying at Online Jobs

Applying for an online job isn’t as straightforward as most people think. When looking for an online job, it is important to think about how you are going to apply. Years of experience has given us some insight on the best practices for job seekers when applying for an online job. Basically, it all boils down to giving employers what they’re looking for in a perfect applicant.

What specifically are employers looking for?

Make Each Application Unique


This is one common mistake among job seekers: using a template for their job applications. Sometimes, they even send the same exact job application to different companies. While this is not exactly wrong, it is likely that many other applicants are also using the same template. You have to ask yourself: what will set me apart from other applicants? Making each job application unique will give you an edge over other job seekers.

Additionally, using a template application means you are not directly answering the questions that the employer has posted in the want ad. This is often a simple test to see if you can follow instructions or directions. Most of the time, job posters just throw out applications with generic-sounding letters. The same goes for those who do not follow instructions.

Remember that it’s not just your resume that needs editing; your cover letter or email must also be customized to perfectly fit the requirements of a specific job.

Create A Complete Profile


A complete profile looks attractive and professional to employers. Filling out important information such as contact details, tests, and skills assessments shows employers that you mean business and that you are worth taking a second look at.

Your jobseeker profile is designed to highlight your skills, which is why it’s important to accurately present your skills. It’s not enough to just rate yourself, giving a brief explanation on why you gave yourself that assessment. Give employers a better idea of what you can do and validate the ratings you gave yourself.

Showcase Your Skills Without Showing Off


Another way to accurately showcase your skills is to provide a concise and accurate job description and skills summary.

When writing your job description, keep in mind what kind of job you want to have and why you’re the right person for that position. When writing your skills summary, highlight your top skills, your core competencies, and relevant work experience.

Most jobseekers make the mistake of listing all of their skills in the summary, thinking it will impress employers. Keep in mind that employers have many applications to sort through and little time to do it. Making your summary unspecific and long makes it more difficult to read, and employers are more likely to skip your resume and go onto the next.

Prove Your English Proficiency


Take the time to edit your profile, resume, and cover letter to make sure that the spelling and grammar are perfect. Nothing turns off an employer more than a worker who seems incapable of mastering basic English. Filipino workers have a great reputation for English proficiency, so it is important to show that skill.

Tailor Your Profile To Your Dream Job


One good practice when applying for a job is adapting your resume and profile so that it will fit the job that you are applying for. Maybe you have been working for years now and you have accumulated a wide range of skills, certifications, and work experiences. While they might all be great skills, take into consideration that not all of them are relevant to your prospective employer.

Highlight the skills and talent that will be beneficial for the job that you are applying for. This doesn’t mean that you can’t include your other skills and attends. Some employers look for well-rounded individuals that have skills outside of their requirements. Include skills you feel would be beneficial for the company you are applying for or skills that would make you stand out or give you a unique advantage over other applicants.

Increasing Your Worth


For employees who have been working a long time, it is a must to update your resume every 6 to 12 months. Your resume from two years ago will be sorely lacking compared to your resume now. If you feel that your resume is a bit bland, then now is a good time to increase its value by taking proficiency tests and examinations. There are plenty of online proficiency tests that you can take that will add more weight to your resume. Most of these exams are trusted by employers and can help you in becoming hired.

Another way to improve your chances of landing the job is by providing a portfolio of your work. This is a very good way to impress potential employers because they can verify from your work that you would be a valuable asset to their company. You can create your portfolio as a separate document or—even better—you can create a website that showcases all of your work.

With, a lot of effort is put in to verify each applicant’s identity. Applicants with a high verification value have a better chance of being highlighted for a job application. Prospective clients go to because they are sure that the applicants are already vetted. Make sure that you follow this process.

The Reason Behind Ridiculous Requests


Employers sometimes create small tests and challenges within job posts to gauge your interest and ability. Some of these tests or questions may seem ridiculous, like asking about how you chose to name your pet, or asking you to write your cover letter in a certain font, font size, and color.

These tests may seem irrelevant but a lot of them serve a purpose. These tests help determine if you really read the job post or if you can think on your feet. If you’re able to complete and fulfill these tests, it shows them that you’re really interested in the job and that you can present the skills you claim to have on the fly.

Don’t Cast A Wide Net


Looking for a job isn’t like fishing. Casting a wide net doesn’t increase your chances of finding a job. When you apply for too many jobs, two things happen: 1) you look desperate which makes it easier for unscrupulous employers to take advantage of you; 2) you look like you don’t really know what you’re doing and there’s really no point in hiring you.

You need to focus your efforts in applying for jobs that fit your skills. It works for jobseekers in many ways.

First, fewer applications means less work and fewer people to follow up on. You can focus on making your profile, resume, cover letter and portfolio perfect for each job. This means also shorter waiting periods in between job applications.

Second, companies that look for the same kind of people most likely know one another. This makes it easier for you to network and hear about other job openings within your field.

Lastly, focusing on your strengths establishes your reputation as a legitimate and experienced jobseeker. You don’t see engineers applying to become doctors. It’s the same for online workers. If your strength is in SEO, focus on job openings that look for SEO specialists or for VA jobs that involve a lot of SEO work. Once employers see that you’re focused on jobs that suit your skills, the more likely they will hire and trust you to do that job.

Always Be Courteous and Professional


Looking for a job can be a frustrating process. Rejection after rejection can take its toll on your self-esteem. And sometimes, the people interviewing you for the job may not be the nicest people to talk to.

It’s easy to lose your cool in situations like this, but keep in mind that employers talk one another and if you show bad behavior at any point during the application process, other employers will hear about it.

Those who get hired are the ones who are courteous and show a professional demeanor every time. So no matter how tired or frustrating the application process becomes, always remember that you are a professional and you should act like one. Let everyone know, employers and other job seekers, that you are a serious applicant and that anyone who wishes to hire you will get a skilled, professional Filipino worker that will make the people around him proud.

Invest In Yourself


Even with the tips above, there is no guarantee you will get a job quickly. It depends on the demands of the job market, jobseeker availability, and sometimes, plain luck.

Overall, the best thing you can do to increase your chances of getting a job is to invest in yourself. Learn as much as you can about the job you want to have so when the opportunity does come, you’re ready. Be the professional you want to be, even before you get the job. Because in the end, what makes employers want to hire you is your attitude. Show employers that you have the right skills and attitude for the job and you will get that dream job of yours.

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