National Stress Free Family Holiday Month (December)

December never fails to be the happiest of all months in the entire year, but it also bring forth the biggest stress we will have as compare with the other 11 months. The past months have been stressful enough and we need to start the healing process to start the New Year on the right note.

Here are some tips to ensure that we are stress free this December:

1. Family Gathering

The Yuletide season always brings family together whether they like it or not. It has been a tradition that everyone dreads, may it be that family dinner where you have to sit and pretend to listen to your brother’s latest exploit, or your grandmother’s incessant need to keep you fed and full until your belt bursts, or your parent’s possibility of interrogating you on what happened to your last relationship. Whatever reason it may be, a lot have been hesitant on attending these events. To be stress -free this Holiday month, make sure to keep an open mind be a little forgiving, and focus on what’s important. It is inevitable that these that may touch a sensitive nerve will occur much like a comment on your recent weight gain, it will help to acknowledge that they did notice something and your family is entitled to their opinion. Remember, this season is all about healing and celebrating your loved ones, do not let conflict get the most of your experience.

2. Gifts and Expenses

The month’s most awaited times are the dinner where the family sits and eat their fill, and the morning after where everyone rushes to open their presents. This is all about balancing everything financially from the shopping list to the family demands and your desire to please everyone because it gives you utter joy. The first thing to counter this stressor is to keep things simple. We always forget the saying “It’s the thought that count”. More often than not, people remember the emotion they felt and not the gift that was given. This month is all about joy and love and we should focus on what would really call about such to avoid getting bankrupt when the bill comes. Next, if you have to make a list, make a grocery list. Allow yourself to make new traditions this holiday season that is well within your yearly budget and experiment on new recipes that are not as complex and expensive.

3. Schedule

I bet this is not your first December Holiday season and you are now well aware of the hustle and bustle of this season. Prioritize! We all know that our schedule does not differ from the rest of the year, but it does have some new ones like family reunions, year-end parties, and a couple more school events. We already have our usual schedule plotted, all we have to do is list down all the appearances we have to make for this month around those that have been previously plotted. If there are several that fall on one day, make sure to prioritize or delegate. While scheduling this month’s events and activities, do not forget to schedule a downtime in between to recharge and energize you for the next events to come.

No matter how stressful and hectic your life is, take the time to sit back and relax. Home, and in the company of the ones you hold most dear to you, is truly where your heart lies.


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