Be in On This Little Known Hollywood Secret: “The Mountain” Drinks Power Shakes!


Thor, or Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, is known as “The Mountain” because of his role in the popular Game of Thrones series.

He is famous because of his huge, bulky frame and ripped muscles. Just by looking at him, you know he can tear a man from limb to limb. On television, he carries a long sword and lops off the head of his enemies with ease. In real life, you’ll find him lifting a 1,500-pound piece of lumber, pulling refrigerators while training for the “World’s Strongest Man of 2016” title. You’ll find posts about his training on Instagram.

Recently, fans were shocked when he revealed the secret behind his mountain of a body. Thor sometimes crams his meals into a shake, and amps it up with protein shakes and supplements. It’s a massive diet requirement for a mammoth individual. In fact, his breakfast is more than an entire day’s meal for three average people!

But don’t be fooled, he does not gorge on just fat and meat all day. Thor’s diet also includes nuts, greens, avocados, fruits and many more. It’s just the quantities that are blown out of proportion. This is why when he gets tired of devouring plate after plate of food, he resorts to putting everything in an industrial-sized blender and downs it all in one go.

Thor’s diet isn’t recommended for average-sized people, but theory is sound. If you’re a man looking to bulk up and lose fat in your body, protein shakes are a great alternative.


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