Why You Need The Best Tools and Equipment in the Kitchen

You don’t have to own a commercial or industrial kitchen to know that not having the right tools can seriously affect the quality of your work. It isn’t only chefs who need to have mixers, food processors and reliable oven. Some things are just meant to help you work well. If you’re an amateur cook who wants to try to make cooking a source of income, know that you’ll need to invest in some of the things you’ll need. You don’t have to buy a whole kitchen at the same time, buy a few essentials first and then buy other items, including high heat water resistant gloves as you earn income and profit from your cooking.

1. Four-Burner Stove and Oven

Some cooks say that four burners is nowhere near enough, but for beginners it’s a good start. You’ll need more than one burner to work on if you’ll be cooking for others. This set up won’t fly if you’re aiming for a professional kitchen, but it will get the job done for some catering events or if you’re having some friends over for a party. The bigger you go, the more you can invest on stoves and ovens. Yes, you will definitely need more than one especially if you specialize in baked goodies and treats. There’s only so much space for cookies, pies, and cakes inside one oven. Save up for a bigger one and be able to bake big batches at a time.

2. Mixers and Blenders

There are different kinds of food processors, mixers and blenders. They are all needed to accomplish different food preparations efficiently. When it comes to mixers and blenders, there are various models and styles to choose from and they perform different functions. A mixer, for one, is used when mixing batter of whipping cream for icing and frosting. It is also great when mixing dry and wet ingredients together when preparing pies and cakes. There are stick blenders or mixers too, which can puree and liquify items. This is the kind that is great to use when preparing soups, sauces, gravies and more. They are convenient to use and easy to clean.

3. Safety Equipment

Safety equipment such as goggles, aprons, kevlar gloves and high heat water resistant gloves keep the cook and his or her assistants safe from accidents and other mishaps in the kitchen. Cooking involves working with extremely hot temperatures, boiling liquids, or freezing elements such as liquid nitrogen. Any of these can cause serious injuries or even death, and this is why cooks myst invest in safety equipment. Heat and water resistant gloves for example can work when handling very hot pots and pans from the oven. They are also ideal when turining meat during barbecues. You know those instances when the flame leaps up and the cook burns himself in the hand or arms? That won’t happen when he has the right glove which can withstand very high temperatures. Kevlar gloves, on the other hand, are ideally worn when working with very sharp knives or madolines and slicers.

These three items can contribute to your journey as an amateur or professional cook. Keep practicing your craft until you become really skilled and comfortable doing this. If you have more essential items which you’d like to share about, please feel free to leave us a note at the comment section below.


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