The 5 Best Natural Ways to Moisturize Your Skin

The skin is the body’s largest and most rapidly growing organ. It is the body’s top coat, covering every surface and perpetually exposed to the elements – sun, wind, water and earth. No matter what you do, your skin is always at the risk of becoming dry and damaged. The minute you walk out of the door, you will be at the mercy of the sun, wind, and pollution. A lot of people fail to include skin care in their daily health regimen. This should not be the case. Skin care is not only for women or people who are vain and care too much about their appearance.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

After cleansing, the next important skin care ritual is moisturizing your skin. It’s a way to hydrate and bring back lost oils and nutrients. If skin isn’t moisturized it starts to look dull, wrinkled and old. We all know that’s the last thing people want. However, it’s important to note that you don’t have to buy the hundred dollar moisturizers or serums just to restore your skin’s healthy glow. You can look at your kitchen and pantry for the best natural moisturizers for your skin.

Here are our top 5 picks:

1. Oil

There are healthy oils that can be used as a substitute for skin creams and serums. If you have olive oil, sunflower oil or coconut oil at home, these are great as moisturizers and body scrubs. Dermatologists approve of these oils because they are naturally absorbed by the skin. Just dab a few drops of oil onto your face and massage gently in a circular motion. After the oil is absorbed by the skin, you can rinse it off with water or leave it on overnight. Your skin will feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning.

2. Avocado

Before commercial masques and moisturizers became available, our great grandmothers used avocado for skin care. They mashed it up and put them in small jars and applied it onto their faces at night. A lot of people laughed, but this skin care regimen worked and it cost them practically nothing! Nowadays, skin care experts are extolling the values of avocado because of its high healthy at content. It is also rich in vitamins and nutrients that nourish skin. You can apply it directly as a mask or combine it with sugar to make a scrub.

3. Honey

Honey is considered as one of the healthiest natural ingredients on the planet. It is used for almost everything – cooking, skin care, medicine and more. Honey contains antibacterial properties which provide the skin with added moisture. Additionally, it also unclogs pores and draws out impurities such as dirt and black heads or white heads. When mixed with salt or sugar, it can become the best exfoliator for oily skin . Just a word of warning though, make sure you are using real, organic honey and not the commercial kind.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used for beauty and skin care practices since the antiquities. The gel-like contents of the aloe vera plant has been known to treat burns, blisters and sunburns. It is filled with soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients that make it a wonder product for skin care purposes. To use aloe vera as a moisturizer, you can split open a leaf and apply the gel directly onto your skin. You can leave it on for a few hours and gently rinse it off with water. The aloe vera plant is easy to plant and grow. You can have a pot inside the house and have a natural, living source for your skin care needs.

5. Milk

Milk is another natural and affordable skin care aid that you can readily find at home. Just dip a washcloth in milk and apply it onto the skin. It will immediately soothe dryness and calm the skin.

Of course, these remedies won’t work if you have really bad skin care habits. For example, using fake make up which are laden with harmful chemicals and additives can really damage your skin. Always but from trusted stores or sellers. Remember that you don’t always have to buy the expensive brands just to get the desired effect.

Be as diligent in buying skin care products as you would when choosing a brand new gadget or smartphone. Love the skin you’re in and take good care of it!


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