The 15 Best Things About Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is situated about 10 miles to the west of Panama City. Locals call it PCB and it’s a favorite spot for youngsters who want to sunbathe and retirees who want a relaxed a carefree way of life. The area is famous for its strip malls, amusement arcades, restaurants and dive bars. It’s most crowded during spring break with students from about 150 colleges drive down for a bit of affordable rest and relaxation. If you or your family want to go here, try to avoid these months so you can enjoy more of the beach and water sports activities.

PCB is great for weekend getaways and short vacations, here are the 15 things its famous for.


Pier Park

This is a mammoth recreational center that serves as the top shopping destination for the entire Emerald Coast. It boasts of shopping areas, dining, and other fun and recreational activities for different age groups


Fall Bike Rally

This is one event that happens in Panama City Beach and is one that thousands of bike enthusiasts look forward to. Hear the thunderous roar of these awesome bikes.


Boardwalk Beach Resort Hotel & Convention Center

This is a Panama City Beach landmark that never fails to draw crowds and tourists.


Holiday Inn Resort

All over the world, the Holiday Inn name is known for its moderately-priced hotels and great amenities. This place is great for families looking for a place to stay right within the heart of the city.


The Views

Panama City Beach is one of the places in the world where you can truly get a room with a view.


The Russell Fields Pier

The Pier is one of the city’s most visited tourist attractions. The City Pier is a great place for fishing and is also known for its breath taking sunsets. Take a stroll, fish, or just sit and watch the sun go down on the horizon.


The M.B. Miller County Pier

Another great spot for fishing and relaxing. You can lose a few hours just sitting here and watching people pass by.


Unobstructed Views

This serene and relaxing scene is the opposite of what you will find in the busy malls and commercial centers. But Panama City Beach also has these secluded spots for people seeking to find themselves after a hectic work week.


St. Andrews State Park

It’s the best powdery white sand and emerald green waters this side of the Gulf. This park was a former military reservation offers 1.5 miles of beaches. This is a great place to swim, snorkel, kayak and fish.


Nature Watching

Communing with nature is good for the soul. This area is known for herons and other magnificent species of wildlife.



There’s over 27 miles of beaches with silky sand a myriad of water sports activities you can do. People come here for the crystal green waters.


Something for Everyone

The young and the young at heart keep coming back to Panama City Beach because it’s fun and entertaining. They enjoy the food, shopping, sunshine as well as various indoor activities.


Shipwreck Island

It’s an amusement park and water theme park in one. Feel like a kid again as you splash around all day and come face to face with pirates and other characters!


Family Fun

Panama City Beach is a wonderful place to go while the kids are still young. Enjoy your time with them when they’re not in school. It’s less crowded here than Disneyland or Magic Mountain and nowhere near as expensive.


Slingshot Machine

Your trip to Panama City Beach will not be complete without experiencing the eye-popping 100 Mph flight in the Slingshot Machine. Think Angry Birds with its 720 specially designed springs. This is one unique propulsion-centered drive.


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