Product Review: Graco Lite Rider Click Connect Travel System, Sully

Graco is known as a manufacturer of various baby and child products. Their first ever baby product was the Swyngomatic, considered as the world’s first wind-up swing. In 1998, Graco acquired Century Car Seats, which became a gateway for Graco’s line of children’s car seat products.

The Graco Lite Rider Click Connect Travel System is an integrated travel system for babies and toddlers. It combines a stroller and a detachable car seat, incorporating various innovations and features which ensure child safety, as well as ease of use. The stroller is light, sturdy and can be folded, allowing it to be stored in the trunk of the car. Recommended for use by babies and toddlers from 4 to 30 lbs., the system is also designed to “grow with your child.” It has a 5 point harness system for babies which can be easily converted to three points for folder children.

The Lite Rider Click Connect Travel System, Sully also features the Graco Travel System which easily allows for the transfer of the seat from the stroller to the car. This system has been praised by those in the industry as well as by parents as a convenient way to transfer a sleeping baby from stroller to car, and vice versa without waking her up.

1. Graco Lite Rider Click Connect Travel System, Sully Features

When it comes to features, this travel system from Graco doesn’t disappoint. It comes loaded with a host of features that parents and guardians love. It is a practical, functional and easy to use system that can be passed on to the next child in the family. Let’s take a look at some of the features:

  • The Lite Rider Click Connect Travel System includes the SnugRide Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat and LiteRider Click Connect Stroller. The Infant car seat is rear facing and can be used for babies and children between 4 and 30 lbs., and up to 30 inches.
  • The Click Connect system is an infant car seat and stroller combo, with a secure attachment one-step process.
  • The stroller is very light and weighs 17.5 lbs., making it very easy to carry for busy moms.
  • Stroller has two trays, one for the baby and another for the mommy, both with a cup holder. It also has a large basket at the bottom for carrying miscellaneous baby items.

2. Great Wheels

Graco is known for having easy to navigate wheels. It is one of the main features. The stroller has four wheels. The front wheels can be locked to go straight or swivel. It also has the a 2-step brake system. What’s good about these wheels is that they are totally sturdy and durable. You can use the stroller on any surface and the ride will still be smooth for your child. Additionally, the person pushing the stroller does not have to strain or stress when trying to hit the brakes. The wheels stop in one fluid motion; thereby adding to the safety and comfort of your child.

3. Comfortable

Speaking of comfort, this is one of the major criteria that parents have when choosing a stroller or travel system for their children. Babies spend a lot of time inside their strollers so it is important they are comfortable and snugly fastened. The good thing about Graco is that they pay attention to the kind of fabrics and materials used in their strollers and travel systems. The linings are made from breathable material that are not only strong, but are also gentle on baby’s skin. Some materials tend to be itchy or are too hot on the skin and make babies sweat. This isn’t a good thing because baby’s skin are sensitive and they can easily chafe or break out.

Graco’s cribs, strollers and travel systems make use of light and hypoallergenic materials. They are also padded in the right places not only to protect babies from bumps and bruises, but also to cushion specific areas: the head, elbows, bottoms and many more.

4. Pros

There are plenty of reasons why parents love this travel system from Graco, here’s a quick recap:

  • Easy to setup
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Wheels can be locked to go straight.
  • One handed folding is very convenient.
  • Affordable

5. Cons

There is only one disadvantage seen by consumers. The travel system folds forward, which may not suit everyone. However, if this is not a deal-breaker for you, this is still one of the best models in the market today.

6. Graco Lite Rider Click Connect Travel System, Sully Specs

Here’s what you’re getting when you buy this travel system from Graco. Remember that systems like this can be considered an investment because you can pass it on to your next child or other children in the family. You can also use it until your child is well past the toddler years.

  • Stroller weight capacity: 40 lbs.
  • Stroller weight: 17.5 lbs.
  • Stroller folded dimensions: height 19.29” x length 16.54” x width 33.07”
  • Canopy: Canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • Reclining positions: 2-position reclining seat
  • ‘Grow with your child’ features: Convertible 3 or 5-point harness
  • Storage: comes with large storage basket; has separate parent’s and child’s storage tray; 2 cup holders
  • Brake: 2-step
  • Wheels and tires: 4 wheels; front wheels swivel and lock
  • Others: Infant car seat attaches to frame. One hand fold.

7. Final Verdict

After a thorough review of its features, specifications and taking into consideration the various advantages, it is safe to conclude that the Graco Lite Rider Click Connect Travel System, Sully is one of the best if not the best travel stroller that parents can buy for their little ones. It is head and shoulders above the competition. To be honest, the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, Papyrus comes close in terms of safety and sturdiness. However, the public vote is with Graco because of its seamless integration and ease of use.

8. Where to buy it

This stroller and travel system is widely available online. You can purchase it at Ebay, Amazon, or at stores that offer baby items and supplies. It also makes for a great holiday gift to expecting Moms or would-be Dads. You can also wait for Black Friday and get this item at a big discount when you go to the stores or malls. If you don’t want to carry it with you (because you’ve already purchased a host of other things), you may also opt to have the item delivered to your home or office at a later date.


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