Practical Tips to Buy Used Metal Detector

A lot of people want to find gold, precious metals or even buried treasure, however only a few would invest in a tool to find such treasures. These select few are hobbyists who follow maps and buy tools including metal detectors.

If you plan to buy a metal detector, you should consider these practical tips:

1. Ask around for others opinions

Metal detector users are a friendly bunch of people. They want to share their hobby with others and are eager to give advice to new hobbyists. New hobbyists should listen well to any recommendations, suggestions as well as personal experiences of veteran treasure hunters. Advice can also be helpful when it comes to second hand metal detectors. These devices have no moving parts and should still be working perfectly after several years of use.

2. Brand loyalty

Of course, when you listen to friends, they might give opinions biased towards their own experiences. Take special note if they would recommend a particular brand. In some instances this may be due to their own preferences. There is a high degree of brand loyalty when it comes to metal detectors. This does not mean that their advice is flawed, but merely flavored.

3. Users

Walking all day carrying a long pole can be very tiring. Some detectors are heavier than others. In the same manner, some detectors have longer poles. If only adults were to use it, or if only one person were to use it, you can choose one which is long enough to use while walking. On the other hand when you make it a family affair, it should be short enough and light enough that children can also use it.

4. Searching for type of metals

Metal detectors depend on the magnetic properties of the metal for their readings. Different metals have different magnetic properties and respond to different type of electrical/magnetic fields generated by metal detectors.

If you are searching for buried treasure, you would use a different metal detector compared to when you are panning for gold. The choice of detector would also depend on whether you want to find a pure metal, an alloy or the raw ore. Read the manual first before you make your choice of detector. Remember that metal detectors which can be used for a wider range of metals are more expensive than those for a specialized purpose.

5. Price Range

When buying a metal detector you should stick to a price point. Rather, you should have a price range in mind. This will give you a little leeway when choosing the brand or model. Handheld metal detectors are cheaper than ground metal detectors (those which come with a pole). However, ground metal detectors are more convenient. At least you would not need to crawl on the ground when you use it.

Metal detectors are also made in other countries. There is no major difference in efficiency between metal detectors from other countries against those which are locally made. The added price for imported models are not worth it.


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