My Best Espresso Machine Picks for 2016

As a writer, I live on coffee. Regardless of the time of day, there’s always a coffee mug brimming with black gold – coffee. On some days I need something stronger, and this is why we have different machines at home. While a regular coffee maker does the job of making drip coffee rather well, there’s something about the dark and bitter taste of espresso that excites the senses. This is why, in my household, we try to get the best espresso machines that come out every year.

Call it a luxury, but I consider it as an overhead expense. Without a good espresso, my writing won’t be as prolific and my portfolio would suffer. Here is a quick espresso machines reviews 2016.

1. Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine

This is a classic Italian machine that is built to last. It comes at a hefty price of almost $400, but it can work well for a busy home office or a newsroom. This Gaggia model is a smaller version of what Italian coffee shops actually use, so expect that quality is good and the output to be superb. If you own one of these, you may not go back to using your old coffee maker again. The rich and heady aroma of warm espresso is enough to make you open your purse and happily hand over your credit card for this piece.

2. De Longhi Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Affordable at only $99, the De ‘Longhi machine offers value for money. It can expertly brew espresso and cappuccino in a short time and with great results too. It is compact, portable and offers thick, rich caffeinated drinks on demand. Users love the dual thermostat which allows it to heat up almost instantly. Best of all, it leaves a thick and long-lasting foam.

Either of these two espresso machines will give you an expertly brewed cup every time. The difference lies in how long they can take the beating.


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