Hosting CloudBoss.Pro Review

CloudBos.Pro is a service which provides a safe SEO system for a private blogging network (PBN). It answers one of the most pressing problems for independent online marketers: being deindexed by Google because of the IP address.

Google tries to provide the best search engine results page to every user. They endeavor to have relevant, engaging and informative results each and every time. In so doing, the search results have a bias towards large companies with lots of organic backlinks dating back to years of being online. For new websites, this is a problem.

In theory, new websites, online services, internet marketers and ecommerce sites would need to put in the same number of backlinks as established sites. In practice, they resort to spammy content and blackhat methods which are easily deindexed by Google.

One of the methods Google uses to weed out spam is to look at the websites on a given IP address. There are only a limited number of IPV4 addresses. To solve this, there are hosting sites which offer shared hosting. A website shares a server and its IP address with several other websites. The website goes online, and the owner is happy. However, he has no idea what other websites share the same IP address. Unfortunately, you cannot choose which website to share your IP address.

This is the dilemma. When Google searches for spammy content, it deindexes that website’s IP address. When that happens, other sites sharing the same IP address are also affected. They are also deindexed. They no longer exist it Google search results.

One solution to avoid that problem is to have your own IP address. This is expensive and only large websites can use this solution. A modern solution is to use a cloud-based hosting, like Amazon. The problem is that it is hard to configure a website on a cloud-based hosting. This is where CloudBoss.Pro comes in.

CloudBoss.Pro allows for the simple and easy setup and configuration of a cloud-based website. CloudBoss.Pro promises that it is so easy that you can also setup multiple sites on multiple cloud servers. For SEO websites, and PBNs, this can be a big help. SEO websites typically depend on having multiple websites to raise the SEO ranking on a client website. The website owner signs up to a cloud-based hosting site, and uses CloudBoss.Pro to setup the website.

It is important to note, that the SEO sites are still doing the same thing they were doing before, which is to serve backlinks to client sites. If you are a marketer, you want to own as many independent IP address sites which would point links back to your main site. What this method does differently is to hide the SEO sites by sharing the same IP as larger websites.

Cloud services platforms are offered by large companies like Amazon and Microsoft. These sites host millions of regular sites using servers from around the world. Using a solution like CloudBoss.Pro is practically hiding your backlinks and SEO methods in plain site. Google cannot take down IP addresses owned by large established companies.

For more information, you can read a hosting cloudboss pro review online.


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