Home Decorating Tips: Showcase Your Best Photos at Home

Decorating your home is a personal thing. Sometimes, even the best interior designers can’t quite capture the look and feel that you’re going for. This is why it’s best to do it yourself eventhough it may require some time and effort. The end result is always worth it, though. Your living space will be something that turly reflects your personalities and passions.

Take photography for example. Instead of hanging paintings on the living room, bedrooms and dining area. You can take some of your best photography work and display it proudly in these spaces. You can make them as dramatic or as simple as you’d like – create a mosaic, a collage, a puzzle or blow up some dramatic pieces and print them out in black and white.

Tell Your Story Through Pictures

If you’re moving in to a new home or apartment with your husband or wife, you can put up pictures of your travels together. Some people aren’t comfortable with having their faces posted on the walls, but if you put up beautiful scenery or a romantic sunset that you both loved, it will not only make for great décor but also a conversation starter during parties or whever you have guests coming over.

You don’t have to stop with the living room. Even the kitchen and dining area can be decorated with colorful photographs of food or dishes that you both love. A great snapshot of a family dinner can be blown up and framed . This can be displayed prominently near the dining table. Every time you sit down for a meal it will remind you to not only be thankful of the spread that you will partake of, but also of family.

There are hundred different ways to decorate your home, and there’s no hard and fast rule on what to do. The important thing is for you to like what you see when you walk in the door. There is indeed, no place like home.


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