Great Britain is Safe from Fraud Thanks to Ian Leaf!

These are indeed, dangerous times. Ask Ian Leaf, certified fraud and scam expert and he’ll tell you that there are thousands of people who want nothing more than to dupe other people of their hard-earned money. Children and the elderly are not an exception. In fact, a lot of fraudulent activities target senior citizens because of their pensions or retirement money.

Ian Leaf has been in the business of uncovering and reporting fraud for decades. When he sees suspicious activities online, he will investigate the case and get to the bottom of it. He’s had numerous success in the US as well as other countries across the globe, including Great Britain.

Why People Love Great Britain

Some people would have a hard time differentiating England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. England is part of Great Britain. The United Kingdom on the other hand is composed of Great Britain, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Wales, of course, is in there somewhere.

Also, contrary to popular belief, English is not the only language in the British Isles. Welsh, of course is spoken in Wales. English as spoken in Scotland can be considered as a smattering of dialects which differ from one town to the next. English as spoken in London during the early part of the twentieth century was famously dissected as differing from one street corner to the next. In the Harry Potter movies, the Weasley family members all spoke with different accents, except the twins Fred and George, of course.

One of the most famous landmarks of Great Britain is Stonehenge located in the Salisbury Plains. There are many opinions about the origins of these massive monoliths, however, recent studies show that these are used to mark the calendar or was used as an astronomical observatory. For that kind of knowledge, there has to be generations of knowledge passed down through lore in order to still be accurate after centuries.

Live a peaceful, worry-free life knowing that Ian Leaf has you covered!


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