Collection of Various Interior Design Websites

Interior design is a field of study which continues to grow and add meaning to itself. It is both a discipline, a science and an art. It forges concepts drawn on paper to become real world objects. The challenge of interior design is to create something new, relevant and awe-inspiring, at the same time it should be usable, feasible and as much as possible it should be utilitarian. Successful designs should not shout to the world about their existence, rather, these blend into the background and become iconic in their as time goes by. is the official website of Idbox Interior Design. Besides explaining the mission and vision of the company, it also presents its portfolio as well as its direction. The various projects of the company include bars and restaurants, office, retail and commercial spaces. Like other interior design websites, Idbox Interior Design seeks to reach out and inspire students, interior designers, and homeowners.

Today’s practitioners of interior design and decoration have the luxury of being able to gather inspiration from a collection of various interior design websites. The websites below are created and updated either by design houses, architects, artists, home owners or practitioners. Each of the websites have their own style biases and point of views. However, in terms of inspiration these websites provide explanations and alternatives to the ordinary, unique or otherwise esoteric and mundane.

The articles on Design-Milk range from the fantastic mag-lev record player to minimalist designs of watches and straps. This is a resource and a vital entry to any collection of various interior design websites. Although the designs may be minimalist, the page design is not. It is chock-full or articles and ideas you can use for your next design.

For those who prefer to see interior designs as part of the house, fits the bill. The houses featured are by famous architects or design houses and can be found all over the world. Writeups are elegant especially when talking about properties designed by world-famous architects. There is also a category for houses which have newly been put out for sale. Either way, the significance of the house, its interior traits as well as some history is thrown in for a complete picture. Among interior design websites, WowHaus connects the building with the interior design.

True to its name, this is a bright and colorful blog with wonderful photography and a modern millennial sensibility. The site is written with a single motto in mind: beige is boring. The style of the site jumps out at you with the bright colored pictures. Hues of all shades and stripes are at show from the first page and on to the next. Although this is not an interior design website, there is enough articles here about the furnitures and design to sate any needs and requirements. is one of the oldest and largest real estate website. It is a showcase of articles and pictures where you can take inspiration. It is also a marketplace, bulletin board and matching place for products and services. You can discover new ideas, or you can find the right person for the job, or you can also shop from products displayed online. Articles are open to saves by online visitors. Visitors can also leave questions or even reviews. Houses featured are from different parts of the world. When you browse for interior design websites, you might miss because it looks like an architectural site rather than about interiors.

Decor8 started out as a blog by Holly Becker, a journalist and interior stylist. She has had four books published, and there are a lot more where those came from. The blog is airy, sunny, bright and alive with vibrant colors and elegant language. The site gives advice on almost anything related to design. From interior design websites, Decor8 is a light read and something you should go back to every so often.

Habitually Chic discusses glamorous lives and stylish places. It has an elegant air with model poses as if these just flew the pages of a fashion magazine. If you are seeking inspiration for a glossy spread, or for a manor or mansion, this is one place to consider. Decidedly high end, this is what interior design websites in the classic sense should look like: with a touch of Chanel, scented candles and estates for sale. is an ecommerce site selling interior decor items, furnitures and furnishings from all across the globe. The blog articles explain the items on display on site, or rather, the blog articles are the highlighted display of the site. An article on Peruvian rugs gives a discussion on the hand-made process and the quality of the product. In most cases, the blog articles are a collection of links to pertinent articles about the item, and other links to the sales page. Unlike some ecommerce interior design websites, these pages are soft sell, and the articles are informative, relevant and relays authority.


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