Best Price On The Star Wars The Black Series Rogue One K-2SO?

Star Wars fandom is alive and well, and this year marks the release of Rogue One, the prequel to Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope. The movie comes with a new set of characters, heroes, villains and droids. Lego has teamed up with the franchise and releasing a whole set of toys.

The Star Wars The Black Series Rogue One K-2SO by Lego (75120) was recently released in anticipation of the December showing of Star Wars Rogue One. Once assembled, the 75120 K-2SO is a posable Lego action figure featuring single and double arm-swinging battle function. The Lego attention to detail shows in the tough-looking head and armor. Standing at over 11 inches tall, this is taller than most Star Wars posable builds from Lego.

The Rogue One K-2SO is made with Lego Technic joints. On a difficulty level this would fit with 9 to 14 year olds, and older Lego or Star Wars fans.

Building the Star Wars Rogue One K-2SO is relatively easy and fun to do. Inside the package are three bags of pieces and two small sticker sheets. There are only 169 pieces, so there should be no problems with the unmarked bags. The pieces can easily be found. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Characteristic of the Lego Technic line, the Star Wars Rogue One K-2SO uses connectors and joints. If you are familiar with Lego Technic, there should be no problems assembling the K-2SO.

The details are better than most toys, especially the head. The resemblance to the movie character is quite close. There are no accessories of any kind, but the character itself has long menacing hands which does not require any weapon.

Much like the General Grievous Lego release, the 75120 K-2SO build is solid and highly posable. The joint articulation on the 75120 K-2SO is also very good, although a neck joint would have made it more posable and allow head turns. This is just a minor detail which would not have been normally noticed.

A relatively minor concern is the center of gravity due to a lack of hip support. The legs have good articulation, but you might encounter some problems when creatively posing the K-2SO. When extending the legs too far, the body tends to droop and fall over. This may be the reason why no weapon or hand accessory was included in the packaging.

The posing is also not helpful with the punching motion. To activate the swinging battle function, a plunger is pressed at the back, making the arms swing at the shoulder. Unfortunately, the shoulder motion makes the arms flop back and forth. Ultimately, it does not return to the original pose, and you would need to set it up again. When you think about it, you would be holding the K-2SO while pressing the plunger. You would have to decide to either play with the single/double punching action or to set it (pose) in position.

There are no customer options with the Lego Star Wars Rogue One K-2SO.

The best price on the Star Wars The Black Series Rogue One K-2SO is $24.86 on Amazon.


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