Bathroom Ideas Small Space: 15 Creative and Inexpensive Ideas!

With prices of real estate rising by the day, it is but natural for homes and apartments to get smaller and smaller. The one comfortable and spacious bachelor pads have been transformed into teeny, tiny studio units. Compact, space-saving and with every useful inch utilized to the fullest. What they lack in space they more than make up for in terms of amenities and features: gyms, swimming pools, laundry service, parking space and so much more. Question is, how do you redecorate a bathroom that has barely enough space for a tub?

Here are 15 creative ideas to make your small bathroom 100 percent you!



A minimalist approach seems to be favored by modern designers. There’s hardly any space for elaborate vanities and huge, claw-foot tubs. Less is indeed more.


Geometric Tiles

What you lack in space you make up for in bold patterns. Geometric tiles actually draw attention away from the walls and gives the illusion of extra space.


Old World Country

Country style décor adds charm and appeal no matter what season. You can add in a couple of elements or a simple accent such as a figurine or wallpaper.


White Works

A lot of people think all-white bathrooms look clinical and to plain. However, there is something about the purity of white tiles and décor that makes it homey and inviting.


Oval Sink

Interior decorators say that an oval-shaped sink offers more counter space compared to a square-shaped one.


Washstand and Towel Bar

This two-in-one addition to your bathroom is both decorative and functional.


Open-Based Table

Add a focal point to the bathroom by introducing a new element such as a table with tall legs and an open base. This can be used as a stool, a place for flowers and candles or other items.


If you need a tub…

There are just some people who have to have their bathtubs. If you’re one of them, you can talk to a designer on how to save space on other bathroom essentials.


Dark and Bold

Bathrooms and powders rooms can look different from the rest of the house. This is a private space and should reflect the owner’s personality and taste. The rest of the apartment can be soft and minimalist but you can go all out with the bathroom décor.


Storage Shelves

Floor to ceiling shelves or cabinets maximize storage space in small bathrooms. Sliding ones are the most recommended. Finish with lacquer, paint or cover with wall paper.


Contrast Colors

Contrasting colors also make a room look more spacious than it actually is. If you already have plain white tiles, make sure to add more color and texture to the walls.


Small Fixtures

Streamlining and adding compact storage areas is key in modern bathrooms. The lack of storage space for linens, towels and other essentials in other areas of the home make this the natural place to keep them in.


Luxury Gilding

You don’t need gold leaf and expensive lacquer to turn your bathroom into a place of luxury. Add some gilding or etching on the glass for an elegant and subtly ethereal vibe.


Travel Bug

Make your bathroom your dream wall – places you’ve been to, or places you dream of going to sometime in the future. Travel posters, tickets, photos and other souvenirs all make for great bathroom decoration.


Mirrors and More Mirrors

If you have the budget, a brass and marble mirror certainly dresses up a bathroom. However, to be more budget-friendly, you can look for mirrors on sale at yard sales or even on ebay.

There are plenty of ways to dress up a bathroom and turn it into your private space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, experiment, and change things until you end up with something you’re truly comfortable in.



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