7 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy

Gardens do more than just make a home or property look pretty and luxurious. It serves a lot of purposes as well. For one, it offers shade and makes an area cooler in the afternoons. Fruit –bearing trees offer food while flowering plants give lovely blooms to add to the table every day.

True, it may be the middle of Fall, but that’s no reason to leave your garden to be taken over by weeds and freeze over. There are a lot of ways to keep a garden thriving and healthy the whole year round. While it is not simple and could require a lot of work, maintaining a garden is something that can be done by both amateurs and more advanced gardeners. Check out these 7 tips to keep your garden health

1. Prepare the Soil before planting new seeds

Flowers and plants need good, aerated soil to grow well. For optimum results, it is ideal to loosen the soil by at least inches before adding organic matter to it. At this point, you should know how to choose the best fertilizer for your garden. Afterwards, rake the soil to level it and wait a few days before planting your preferred seeds and flowers.

2. Know how much soil to add

Don’t try to pack too mouch soil around your plants. Truth be told, the ideal soil layer should just be ¼ inch thick. When it comes to seed depth as well as when they should be planted, it would be best to consult a gardener or an expert. In this case, less is more.

3. Nourish your plants well

Each plant has different needs, but you have to be very careful what you give your plans during its actively-growing stage. The best way to do this would be to add water-soluble fertilizer o a hose. You can also use a watering can if this is most convenient. However, do try to avoid fertilizers laced with chemical additions. Going organic may be the more difficult way to go about this process but this creates healthier soil and overall better environment for your plants in the future. So yes, it’s worth the effort.

4. Trim and prune

Stay in control of your garden at all times. Use the right tools to remove branches, twigs, old tree stumps and weeds in your garden. Some tasks will require the use of more than just pruning shears or grass cutters, so be sure that you know how to pick the best pole saw and how to use a hoe and a rake. Keeping the garden neat and spacious ensures that new seends and flowers have room to grow. It also guarantees that your garden will not be choked or taken over by weeds in just a few days.

5. Be vigilant during the seedling stage

The seedling stage is the most critical aspect of a plant’s growth. When the first true seeds appear, this is when extra care and nourishment should be given to young plants. Most gardeners hover or watch a little too closely, but experts say that is not at all bad.

6. Keep plants young

After plants and flowers have bloomed or flower, you can keep them young and blossoming by removing the deadheads. This process can be done with pruning shears or scissors. Just snip the faded flower heads in order to revitalize plants.

7. Add support

When your plants have grown tall enough, they may need additional support systems to guide their growth. Some people use pegs, stakes, wires and different kinds of support for plants that grow tall o climb. Some examples of these would be string beans, squash or pumpkin, grapes and many more.

Doing so not only ensure better growth but also keeps the plants in a safe position where they get adequate amounts of sunlight, water, and nutrients from the soil. If left unprotected, the plants may wither and die.

Checking up on your flower, herb, or vegetable garden is and will always be a labor of love. As gardeners, it is rewarding to see plants grow and and bear fruit and for flowers to bloom after months of fighting their way out of the ground. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a garden filled with the earth’s bounty. Now that winter is fast approaching it is important to tend your garden and prepare it as best as you can for the coming months of cold and snow.


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