5 Attractive Awnings for Your Home

Awnings have been used as decorative pieces and practical additions to home and commercial structures for ages. It is an ingenious way to shield people and property from the sun and other elements. A well-placed awning offers comfort from the heat during hot summers. It also keeps rain from coming in nor does it leave your property exposed for everyone to see.

If you’re unsure about what kind of awning to get, you can consult commercial awning suppliers to determine which kind and style is good for you. You can also ask for a quote to have an idea of how much the project will cost and how long it would take to have the awning installed.

1. Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings allow for these shades to be stowed away. They can either be folded up or rolled up when not in use. When folded, dust does not gather on top of the awning. The awning can be rolled out again to shade the sidewalk from sunlight or from rain. For stores which use the sidewalk, retractable awnings can also be put away in extreme bad weather, as it might get damaged from strong winds.

2. Motorized or Automated Awnings

Awnings with their own motors allow the user to close or open them quite quickly. This convenience is a big benefit for those who stow away their awnings at night or when they close shop for the day. Nowadays, large awnings usually come with a motor, and operates with a switch.

3. Portable Awnings

You may think of these as portable tent roofs. These are assembled by hand on site, with the use of poles and supports. The roof is setup over the frame before the frame is actually raised. In case of large awnings, the use of accordion horizontal supports may also be included.

4. Stationary

There are awnings for doors and windows which are permanent year round. These are fixed and stationary and are able to withstand storms and strong winds. Stationary awnings also have fixed supports. The only time that the awning is replaced or torn down is when there is damage to the material.

5. Windows

Awnings for windows are very useful especially for french windows. This is not a real alternative for window shades or blinds, however, it is a solution to prevent sunlight from entering the house or building. Since these are relatively small awnings, they can be either permanent, or they can also be motorized, especially for commercial establishments.

Residential and commercial awnings are provided in bulk by commercial awning suppliers. They are in a better position to suggest material, color, thickness and length for the differet kinds of awnings that you may be needing around your home or commercial establishment. Yes, it is also possible to mix and match colors and designs depending on your prefence. You can take a look at swatches and catalogs to have a better idea of what will look good inside your home or shop.

As mentioned above, these professionals are more than willing to do a client call and come up with an initial quote. From there, you can determine when you wish to start with awning work for your home.


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