4 Ballroom Dance Classes to Take As an Adult

There is always a reason to dance, and there is always an occasion where some knowledge about ballroom dances can be a great. Ballroom dances are getting popular every year, and there are clubs dedicated to specific dancing styles. If you want to join the fun, why don’t you enrol in some ballroom classes. The following are 4 ballroom dance classes to take as an adult.


There are a lot of types of swing, but besides the up tempo nature of the music, what differentiates it is the distinctive twirl, changing of hands, turns and the footwork. However, there are some great male dancers who can dance this without taking a step, regardless of the skill level of their partners. But that would be boring. The essence of this is to have a great time frolicking around the dance floor, twirling your partner, and getting back to them. The secret in the communication is in the eyes and the hand holds. The hands is where the male would lead his partner.


Tango is a sexy, erotic dance from Argentina. This is a highly technical dance which tells a story on the dance floor. Other dances which are great for story telling are jive, jazz and ballet. However, the tango can be romantic love story or a tragedy. Newcomers would think that this is a rigid dance. It only seems so, until you understand what the story is about. It is a sensual discourse on the dance floor. Beginners would get past the rigid style and understand the sensual nature of the dance as they learn how to dance the tango.


The most famous waltzes are from Austria, specifically those written by the Strauss family. However, there are a lot of waltzes in modern songs, especially in country music. What others would think of as a ballad may in fact be a waltz. The waltz is characterized by a cadence flowing smoothly between partners. While some would view waltz as a stiff dance, it is actually an easy dance for beginners. On the dance floor, there would always be beginners dancing along with old timers and professionals, and everyone would have a great time. The secret is to focus on your partner. When the music and movements flow, you would know that you are getting it right.

Cha Cha

Characterized as a “Cuban movement”, this has gone beyond the stylized Caribbean dances and onto the world stage. Cha Cha is a free wheeling ballroom dance which is in turn flirtatious and lively. Ballroom dancers who have danced the cha cha with their partners before get to know an instinctive feel of what their partners want. The sway of the hips goes with the forward and back steps of the dance. There is a snap to the dance, and a telegraphing of the movement which makes for a lovely show on the dance floor. Beginners might start out stiff, and get to flow with the numbers as they learn to let loose and go with the music.


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