15 Gorgeous Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girls

The teenage years can be an awkward stage for girls. They’re discovering boys, adjusting to changes in their bodies, exploring the limits of their freedom while desperately holding on to the ideas of unicorns, rainbows and Barbie dolls. No longer girls, but not full-fledged women – yet. While some teenagers go the dark, gothic phase wit rock stars and piercings, there are those who stay with the floral and balloon themes – with plenty of pinks all around. You can help your teenager express her individuality better with these 15 bedroom decorating ideas. These are inexpensive and relatively easy to do:


The Studio

As your teenager becomes more concerned about her privacy, turning her room into more than just a sleeping quarter can’t come at a better time. Adding a couch, a place for her music, books and even a bike is a great way to keep everything in one place. It would be great if this came with its own bathroom.


Wall Decals

You can add wall decals, wall paper, or have your daughter paint her walls herself with any décor she’d like. This an inexpensive way to decorate and can be modified whenever the mood strikes. It’s a good outlet for creativity or teenage angst.


Patterns and Prints

Play with colors, textures and fabrics. Instead of plain sheets and curtains, let your teenager have fun mixing and matching designs.


Hanging Beds and Swings

Let some individuality shine through with a huge hanging bed or a swing. This is not only an interesting piece of furniture, it’s also a test in physics.


Chalk Board Wall

Consider it as a headboard and a freedom board all in one. You can leave notes, tuck in bills and other correspondence.


Closets and Cabinets

Now that she’s accumulating more belongings, and hiding most of them from her parents, she’ll need extra closet space for clothes and more cabinets for other items.


Color Theme

If she’s into pinks, blues or purples, just let her run wild with her favorite color theme for a while.



Your teenager may be into all kinds of sports – or just interested in one. Never mind if she’s into skating, hockey, or some other sport that may be considered as a “guy” thing, the important thing is to make her feel that you support her no matter what.



Winged and beautiful, butterflies make for great décor any time of the year.


Audrey Hepburn Homage

A lot of teenage girls who have seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Sabrina have made Audrey Hepburn their icon for style and elegance.


Shared Room Space

If you have two teenaged girls, you’d have to come up with a design and décor theme that they both like.


Starry Night

Romantic and dreamy, these pinlights will make any teenager room’s a lovely place to hang out in.


Stripes and Ceilings

Design doesn’t have to be always in the floor or beddings. This bedroom plays with funcolors and stripes using the ceiling fan.


Add a Fun Chair

Make it pink, furry, and totally comfortable. This chair reminds us of Elle Woods or Alicia Silverstone in Clueless.


String Art

You can have an entire weekend just creating and arranging various pieces of string art into a flowing and seamless décor for your teenager’s bedroom. Alternatively, you can start wth one piece first and see how it looks before adding and building on different designs.

So there you have it, 15 great ideas for decorating a teenage girl’s bedroom. Just make sure she has fun doing it.


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