15 Bathroom Interior Ideas You Can Do On Your Own

Decorating your bathroom can be a good stress-reliever and also an inexpensive way to do a renovation project. The key to revamping your bathroom is to work on certain areas at a given time. For example, start with windows, floors, or the shower area. Not doing it all at once allows you to focus on the design you want. It also keeps the project light on the pocket. By doing this, you’ll have plenty of things to do all year-round!

Check out this list of suggestions:

1. http://clv.h-cdn.co/assets/15/23/480×601/arnold-wash-station-0515.jpg

Salvaged Sinks

Instead of adding the usual sink and vanity combo, you can use a vintage sink and breathe new life to it by adding modern fixtures.


Jewel Tones

Turn up the volume in your modern or country home with a bathroom decorated in deep, jewel tones. Emeralds work well and so do sapphires and turquoise. This works great in beach houses too!


Earthy and Calming

Go for a Zen look by adding earth-tone colors or a water feature as accent. You can add clay accents like a pot and add orchids to it.


Small Storage

A vintage chest of drawers or a trunk is not only a statement piece but is also a functional piece of furniture. You can use it to store towels, bathrobes, foot rugs and your extra sets of toiletries.


Terra-Cotta Floor

Add a Latin touch to your bathroom by modifying the floors. Instead of the usual bathroom tiles, you can experiment with terra cotta tiles. This will work well with a vintage tub!


The Spa

Palm leaves as wallpaper equals an instant soothing effect. You can turn bathtime into a spa experience by adding candles, scented oils or an infuser. Great after a long, tiring day at work!


Cobalt Blue Theme

You can carve out a small section of the wall and shape it to hold toiletries. This saves space, adds texture and makes your chosen tile design pop out. This cobalt blue theme is just eye-catching and soothing.


Corner Mirror

Mirrors have been used to decorate homes because they serve as points of interest. They also make any space look larger and more spacious. A mirror inside a bathroom may not be something new, but you can hang it at an angle to make more space and maximize the natural lighting in the bathroom.


The Grandfather Clock

This isn’t for bathrooms with small spaces; but for those that do it’s a creative and elegant addition. You can have a grandfather clock fill a narrow wall in the bathroom, probably near the vanity or a closet. This way you will always know if it’s taking you too long to put on your makeup.


Natural Wood

Think of saunas and beach homes when you work with natural wood. Just because it’s wood doesn’t mean your bathroom needs to look like a cabin in the mountains. Play with varnish, paints and various textures.


Gatsby Theme

Think opulence and shine. A Gatsby-themed bathroom and powder room is decorated with gold fixtures as well as crystal chandeliers. You can add the features one by one, but the overall effect will be grand!


Flower Power

Who doesn’t love floral accents in the bathroom? You don’t have too add actual flowers to make this work. You can start with a floral wallpaper or drapes. A pot of fresh flowers at the corner also wouldn’t hurt.


Pretty Prints

Decorate depending on the season with pretty prints and fabrics. This is one of the easiest bathroom decorating projects to pull off!


The Roman Bath

Think marble and floor to ceiling drapes when going for the Roman Bath look. White or off-white pieces are the preferred colors. A big, solid bath tub is a must-have!


The Modern Monochrome

Black and White may have just outlived its sylish life; but monochromes have just started to be appreciated. Try a smooth and sleek look for a his/hers bathroom.


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