Making it Solo to Penang? Here’s Your Best Guide

Traveling by yourself can be a thrilling and enriching experience. There’s freedom when traveling solo because you don’t have to be restricted by your group’s itinerary or schedule. You can stay in one place for as long as you please, or come back the next day for more.

Here are three things to do on your solo adventure in Penang:

1. See the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion


Also called the Blue Mansion or Blue House, this is a boutique hotel that offers guided tours twice a day. There’s a sign up sheet outside the house that groups people together and gives them a tour scheduled. Guests won’t be allowed in unless they have reserved prior to the scheduled tour. This mansion was built by Cheong Fatt Tze and has 38 rooms and five large courtyards. Its most striking feature is its indigo-blue outer wall. There is a small entrance fee to see the mansion. It is open daily from 9:30 am to 5 pm.

2. Visit the Temples


Most people embark on a solo adventure to find themselves or search for their purpose. In Penang, specifically, on Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling you will find different houses of worship. This area is in fact called the “Street of Harmony” because different religions are able to co-exist peacefully. You will find the Kwan Yin temple, the Sri Mariamman Hindu temple as well as the Kapitan Keling Indian Muslim Mosque. If you have the time, travel to Air Itam to pay your respects at the Kek Lok Si Temple, which is one of the biggest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia.

3. Go on a Foodie Adventure


Penang is a hawkers haven, and where they are, the crowds follow. Street food is very affordable and satisfying, you can get full meals for under US$ 3. Among the must tries are: Assam Laksa, a savory soup made of rice noodles, seafood and fresh spices; Ice Kacang, a dessert of shaved ice with beans, corn, jelly and syrup; and Nyonya Kuih , a popular snack of colorful Peranakan cakes. These are native rice cakes flavored with pandan and topped with coconut cream. You can also try other Malaysian food staples such as Beef Rendang, Satay, and Nasi Goreng.

You can find great Penang hotel deals for solo travelers when you book online. Some of them include tours and transfers for a hassle-free vacation. You can plan ahead and go on a solo adventure for a birthday or a significant occasion in your life.


National Stress Free Family Holiday Month (December)

December never fails to be the happiest of all months in the entire year, but it also bring forth the biggest stress we will have as compare with the other 11 months. The past months have been stressful enough and we need to start the healing process to start the New Year on the right note.

Here are some tips to ensure that we are stress free this December:

1. Family Gathering

The Yuletide season always brings family together whether they like it or not. It has been a tradition that everyone dreads, may it be that family dinner where you have to sit and pretend to listen to your brother’s latest exploit, or your grandmother’s incessant need to keep you fed and full until your belt bursts, or your parent’s possibility of interrogating you on what happened to your last relationship. Whatever reason it may be, a lot have been hesitant on attending these events. To be stress -free this Holiday month, make sure to keep an open mind be a little forgiving, and focus on what’s important. It is inevitable that these that may touch a sensitive nerve will occur much like a comment on your recent weight gain, it will help to acknowledge that they did notice something and your family is entitled to their opinion. Remember, this season is all about healing and celebrating your loved ones, do not let conflict get the most of your experience.

2. Gifts and Expenses

The month’s most awaited times are the dinner where the family sits and eat their fill, and the morning after where everyone rushes to open their presents. This is all about balancing everything financially from the shopping list to the family demands and your desire to please everyone because it gives you utter joy. The first thing to counter this stressor is to keep things simple. We always forget the saying “It’s the thought that count”. More often than not, people remember the emotion they felt and not the gift that was given. This month is all about joy and love and we should focus on what would really call about such to avoid getting bankrupt when the bill comes. Next, if you have to make a list, make a grocery list. Allow yourself to make new traditions this holiday season that is well within your yearly budget and experiment on new recipes that are not as complex and expensive.

3. Schedule

I bet this is not your first December Holiday season and you are now well aware of the hustle and bustle of this season. Prioritize! We all know that our schedule does not differ from the rest of the year, but it does have some new ones like family reunions, year-end parties, and a couple more school events. We already have our usual schedule plotted, all we have to do is list down all the appearances we have to make for this month around those that have been previously plotted. If there are several that fall on one day, make sure to prioritize or delegate. While scheduling this month’s events and activities, do not forget to schedule a downtime in between to recharge and energize you for the next events to come.

No matter how stressful and hectic your life is, take the time to sit back and relax. Home, and in the company of the ones you hold most dear to you, is truly where your heart lies.

Be in On This Little Known Hollywood Secret: “The Mountain” Drinks Power Shakes!


Thor, or Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, is known as “The Mountain” because of his role in the popular Game of Thrones series.

He is famous because of his huge, bulky frame and ripped muscles. Just by looking at him, you know he can tear a man from limb to limb. On television, he carries a long sword and lops off the head of his enemies with ease. In real life, you’ll find him lifting a 1,500-pound piece of lumber, pulling refrigerators while training for the “World’s Strongest Man of 2016” title. You’ll find posts about his training on Instagram.

Recently, fans were shocked when he revealed the secret behind his mountain of a body. Thor sometimes crams his meals into a shake, and amps it up with protein shakes and supplements. It’s a massive diet requirement for a mammoth individual. In fact, his breakfast is more than an entire day’s meal for three average people!

But don’t be fooled, he does not gorge on just fat and meat all day. Thor’s diet also includes nuts, greens, avocados, fruits and many more. It’s just the quantities that are blown out of proportion. This is why when he gets tired of devouring plate after plate of food, he resorts to putting everything in an industrial-sized blender and downs it all in one go.

Thor’s diet isn’t recommended for average-sized people, but theory is sound. If you’re a man looking to bulk up and lose fat in your body, protein shakes are a great alternative.

A Guide to Wanderlust-Worthy Travel Photos from Penang


Planning an adventure to Penang, Malaysia is an exciting and thrilling task. There’s plenty of places to see and lots of adventures to try. Of course, all of these will be documented with hundreds of photos and social media posts so you better make sure that you have your cameras and selfie sticks ready before you head out to your next great adventure.

Here are three of the best places to go to in Penang:

1. Adventure Zone Theme Park


This one’s for the adventurous spirit! Adventure Zone Theme Park is roughly 10,300 square feet in total area and is great for kids and the young at heart. It has ball pits, giant slides, ladder climbs and many more activities that will keep kids and young adults occupied. There’s also a section for toddlers which offers them a safe and enjoyable place to expend their energy. This place is located at Jalan Batu Ferringhi and is open every day.

2. Made in Penang Interactive Museum


This modern and awe-inspiring 3D museum is situated in charming Georgetown. Here, you don’t just stare and appreciate the artwork, you actually become part of it! Guests can walk the whole expanse and do various poses on hundreds of artworks ranging from historical pieces to wacky ones. The works of art are amazing in itself, but when you add human drama and humor to it, each photo will be telling its own unique story.

3. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion


After the adventure and interactive museum, it’s time to add a cultural touch to your photos. The award-winning Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion at Leith street is known for its stunning indigo blue facade. This palatial home was built by master craftsmen in a span of 7 years. The workers realied heavily on feng shui while maintaining traditional Chinese architecture. It is a boutique hotel and museum with 16 rooms.

4. Hit the Streets

No trip to Penang will be complete without a trip to the markets and side streets. Hot and delicious street food will be waiting for you at every turn. You’ll have your fill of spicy laksa noodles, fluffy oyster cakes, and fall-off-the fork tender beef rendang at these inexpensive food stalls. Best of all, they are open until late at night or the wee hours of the morning.

These four stops in Penang will surely give you more than album’s worth of amazing photos to share to family and friends. More importantly, spending time in Penang is an enriching experience that you will carry with you for many years to come.

3 Diet Plans That Actually Work

Diet is often seen by people as restricting and offensive. It’s not something that you ask a person to try when he’s already overweight or obese because you will be tagged as rude and insensitive. But the truth is that diet isn’t a bad world at all. It is in fact, synonymous to nourishment and plainly refers to the kind of food you eat. Contrary to what people may think, a diet is something that does not involve starvation and deprivation. While there have been alternative diets or meal plans which have allowed people to lose weight and keep it off, the key to maintaining one’s ideal weight is still moderation.

If eating rice and bread is not working for your waistline, you should ask a medical professional how to lose weight without depriving body of food. He will probably recommend that you try an alternative diet plan that is right for your lifestyle. Here are three of them:

1. The Mediterranean Diet



People in the Mediterranean region are known for their long life spans and good health. According to data, these people live relatively disease-free because of their diets. They eat little red meat and consume minimal amounts of fat and sugar. In its place, they consume more seafood, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, olive oil and nuts. While this area is rich in produce, they partake of a small amount of eggs, cheeses and yogurts. Red and white win can be consumed abundantly. They are also avid fans of exercise such as dancing and swimming.

While this diet is normal for people living in the islands, adapting this kind of diet in the Western setting will require a lifestyle change. It would mean saying goodbye to greasy burgers and mountains of fries and adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

2. Volumetrics


Volumetrics was developed and perfected by Barbara Rolls, a nutrition expert from the Penn State University. This is one diet that truly espouses eating well rather than starving oneself. Volumetrics involves consuming food of the same weight each day, but choosing the more energy dense ones over those that simply have more calories and fats. For example, a pound of carrots and peanuts. They weigh the same but the peanuts are more energy dense; this means that you’ll be eating better without eating less food. A cup or white rice versus a cup of corn; you should choose the cup of corn because it’s the healthier option. Volumetrics also involves at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.

3. The Paleo Diet


The Paleo Diet is one of the most popular diets in recent years, and many people swear by its effectiveness. The diet involves simplifying the food one takes – no processed foods, very little fat, no refined sugars and treats such as ice cream and cake. Of the three diet examples, this one is the most restrictive and requires a really big amount of determination and commitment to stick to. The Paleo diet simulates the diet of ancient people. While meat is included in the diet, the preparations are quite simple: grilled or boiled. The rest of the diet includes legumes, grains, fruits and vegetables. Paleo dieters are also encouraged to become more active, since our ancient ancestors were almost always on their toes the whole time. The Paleo diet is still undergoing a lot of research and testing, although the results from people who have been on the diet for a while have been encouraging.

Alternative diets work when people commit to embracing lifestyle changes that come with it. It’s all about making better choices every day and sticking to your guns in the midst of peer pressure and stress. Choosing for that healthy fruit and vegetable shake for your mid-morning snack instead of a jelly-filled donut takes not only self-restraint but also courage. Cheer yourself on!

Getting a New Multi-Head Air Conditioning Service and Having It Maintained Well

One of the best ways to improve your home is to make sure that the air conditioning systems are working well. If your family members are complaining that it’s hot and uncomfortable inside then it may be time to replace your old air conditioning units with a new one.

1. Why your Multi-Head Air Conditioning needs service & maintenance by an HVAC technician ?

You can try a multi-head air conditioning system in order to cover more area and keep temperatures in control. According to experts, a multi-head air conditioning system improves climate control not just in the living room area, but also in the bedrooms as well. This is because this type of AC unit is made up of one big outdoor unit which is connected to five smaller indoor ones. These are the ones which are placed in different rooms in the house. A system of pipes pump air from the outdoor unit and are circulated to the other rooms. In case you’re wondering, this system also works with heated air. So it’s something worth investing on if you need a new cooling and heating system in your home.

2. Common service includes: AC Filters, AC Coils, Coil Fins, Condensate Drains, Window seals for Room

If you are asking why your Multi-Head Air Conditioning needs to be serviced by an technician, it’s because of the many different moving parts and complex sections.

These are the kinds of things that you shouldn’t risk doing on your own. You might be doing more harm than good by tinkering with such intricate systems. Apart from cleaning, the service team will also check your air conditioning system and inspect the AC filters, condensate drains, coil fins and AC coils.

3. Service your Multi-Head AC and preparing for this summer

It is ideal to service your multi-head AC in preparation for this summer, but preventive maintenance is ideal to have all year-round. They will also check the window seals in each room to make sure that no heat or cold air escapes – this will keep your power bills low. Check out a Multi-Head Air Conditioning Service provider online and compare rates.

Not All Low-Carb Diets Put You in Ketosis

Maintaining one’s ideal weight is difficult as it is. The challenge tostay healthy and ward off lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and Type 2 diabetes has become much stronger now than ever. This is because people have more money to spend, and one of the most common ways to spend it is by consuming large quantities of rich and decadent food.

Over the years, researchers have identified that diet rich in carbohydrates is one of the culprits that make people fat. This is why low-carb diets such as Atkins, Paleo and South Beach have been developed. But while it is true that these commercial low carb diets can help you lose weight, it may not help you go beyond that initial benefit.

What is a Real Ketogenic Diet?

Your doctor may prescribe a real ketogenic diet for you if you’re someone who needs to achieve optimal ketone levels for weight loss. This is different from Atkins or the others mentioned above. However, a real ketogenic is very strict in order to result in real ketosis.

Ketosis, is the production of ketones which are small fuel molecules in the body. As science explains it, when it runs out or is in short supply of blood sugar, the body resorts to burning ketones. Apparently, the only way to create ketones is to consume very little carbohydrates and to covert it quicky to blood sugar.

Ketones are not produced from food. Rather, it comes from fat and is produced in the liver. It is then used to fuel the entire body, especially the brain.

Why Go on a Ketogenic Diet?

A ketogenic pretty much skips glucose so that the body’s system switches and it runs on mostlt fat. At this point, insulin levels turn low and the body burns fat as a dramatic rate. Unlike before, when fat stores were accessed only during “survival mode” , it is accessed freely in a ketogenic diet. This means fat is burned off early on which is great for people who are trying to lose weight. People who are on a ketogenic diet report that they feel less hungry yet have vast supplies of energy.

Protein restriction greatly improves a ketogenic diet. This raises the ketone levels more and likewise lowers insulin. A ketogenic diet turns the body into a fat-burning vessel, and this is why more doctors recommend a low carb and diet for more effective weight loss.

One of the positive side effects of a ketogenic diet is managing Type 2 Diabetes. In fact, there’s a body of research that proves that a ketogenic diet is able to reverse this condition.It does not only lower blood sugar levels but also counters the adverse effects of having high levels of insulin.

More Focus, More Energy

One of the best things about having a steady flow of ketones is the system is that your blood sugar levels remain stable. They don’t drop or spike since you aren’t consuming blobs of carbohydrates which each meal. This results to what appears to be an endless supply of energy and increased mental clarity.

Ketosis is not a miracle cure, just an alternative and faster way to burn fat more efficiently and in a healthier manner. There’s no need to starve the body, but you’ll have to learn of let go of the things that aren’t good for you.

If you want to learn more about a ketogenic diet, consult a dietitian or a doctor. Don’t just go jumping on the next diet bandwagon that you can find. Remember that not all low-carb diets put you in ketosis, so better stick to one that really helps you.