How to Choose the Right Body Shop

There might come a time in your driving life that you get yourself into a small accident. You could hit a tree, a lamppost, or another car. Whether it’s just a small fender bender or something which needs extensive repair, you will need a reputable car body shop to repair your vehicle. With thousands establishments to choose from, it is important to know that not all auto repair shop are created equal.

For this reason, you should be discriminating when it comes to finding the right auto body repair shop. Here are some useful tips:

1. Check their credentials

Check online for the ones with the best reviews, and ask friends for recommendations. Having a repair shop you can trust is the best way to get your vehicle back in good shape. This will also expedite the process of repair in case of an auto collision. Going somewhere trusted by your friends and family will prevent you from unnecessary stress and save you from making hasty as well as expensive decisions.

2. Check recent body works

As much as possible, take some time to check on their recently completed work. Inspect paint lines, uneven fitments, swirls, and other tell-tale indications of their kind of work.

3. Inquire about their warranties and product guarantees

Inquire whether or not they offer some sort of guarantees or warranty for their work. Some body shops offer guarantees for their work for a minimum of 30 days. If they are unable to provide such guarantees or warranties, be wary and look for another one.

4. Stress on your desire for high quality body work

Inform the shop owner that you want a high quality body work. If they know your standards, they will be hesitant in turning over a haphazardly completed project.

5. Ask for their rates and payment terms

Rates and payments play a crucial role when deciding on a repair shop to go to. Since these repairs do not come in cheap, it would be to your advantage to go with someone who offers flexible payment schemes. Alternatively, you can ask for a zero percent installment charge on your credit card.

6. Ask what type of cars their shop has worked on

If you happen to see several nice cars being repaired at the shop, it is a good sign. This simply means the body shop is capable of working on high quality cars and have quality parts, hence the demand. But, if the shop is just repairing a lot of old beaters, then you should head somewhere else.

It is very important that the car shop works on your kind of vehicle. Ask the owner of the shop if he has ever done work on your specific car make and model. If the shop specializes on certain makes and models of cars, it is important that your car type is one of them. We all want to be bringing our cars to someone who is expert and familiar with repairing it.

By this time, you already have shortlisted the body shops you want to consider for your car. Weigh the pros and cons and you will be able to choose a very good, trustworthy body shop to do the car repair job for you.


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