5 Affordable and Creative Wall Décor Ideas

There comes a point in every homeowner’s life when he or she gets tired of staring at that blank wall. Painting the walls is always a good option, but it needs something to more to make the space look lived-in. If only it were that easy to call a decorator and give him instructions to fill the walls with priceless works of art.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have that kind of money to spend on wall decor. You can, however, be a little creative and decorate the walls in the different areas of your home based on your personality.

Here are 5 affordable and tasteful wall décor ideas:

1. Framed Maps

Maps aren’t boring and antiquated. You can use colorful frames with different textures to frame maps of places of you’ve been to or travelled to as a family. You can personalize it further by adding snapshots of your travels. You can display this prominently at the living room or by the staircase. It’s not only nostalgic; it also serves as wonderful conversation piece when you have guests over.

2. Coffee Filter Art

If your breakfast nook or den looks bare, you can have some fun with coffee filter art. Basically, you can color or paint coffee filters with different colors. You can choose to cover just the edges or the entire thing. The painted filters can then be arranged to make any shape or object you like. It’s fun to do, it’s colorful, and is relatively inexpensive. If you have kids, this can be a fun project to do with them.

3. Cork Board

The staircase wall is normally a neglected section of the house. It can actually become eye-catching and functional by adding a corkboard to the wall. It doesn’t matter if it’s being used as a study area or a small office, the corkboard is a great way to post projets, bills, reminders and other important lists for everyone. If you have a large family, you can divide the cork board into sections: to-do, to-buy, go-to etc.

4. Inspiration Quotes

Quotes are always great wall decor ideas. Nowadays, you can get large sticker-like ones which are very easy to attach to your walls. This is better than actually painting the quotes on the wall. You can also have them printed on a tarpaulin so you can add an image to the inspirational quote you like. Another place that would be good to have this would be your home gym or workout area.

5. Baskets and Hats

Straw or woven hats and baskets add a lovely touch to bedroom walls. You can make this more personal by hanging hats you’ve collected on your travels. Alternatively, instead of baskets you can also use colorful scarves.

There’s no right or wrong way to decorate your home. Some people like showing off deer or moose heads, and that’s perfectly fine. The important thing is to make the place all about you and what you stand for. Decorating is not about what’s chic or what’s expensive, it’s what makes you long to come back for home at the end of a long day.


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