The New Food Craze: Speculoos Cookie Butter


Unless you live under a rock or on a deserted island, it is impossible to miss the latest buzz in the food industry – Speculoos Cookie Butter. Visit any social networking site and you’ll soon see posts and photos about this tasty spreadable treat.

So, what exactly is Speculoos Cookie Butter and how did it come about? If you are to trace this product’s evolution you will learn that it came from the desire to have speculoos cookies that can be readily spread onto other foods or mixed in shakes and other desserts. Speculoos cookies is one of the many types of shortcrust biscuits that are extremely crunchy, thin, slightly roasted in color and have a flavor similar to gingerbread and caramel.

Speculoos Cookie Butter can be enjoyed in various ways like adding flavor to boring and bland pancakes, cookies, bread, and pretzels or it can be enjoyed by itself from licking the fingers or eating from the spoon. Today, there is an increasing number of recipes being developed not only by professional chefs but even by devoted fans of cookie butter. Don’t be surprised if you see cookbooks paying homage to this sweet treat soon.

If you are suddenly craving to know what the fuss is about, you need to note that this product is distributed exclusively by Trader Joe’s in the US and because of the interest it is generating and the high demand, Speculoos Cookie Butter is reported to be always out-of-stock to the point that even Trader Joe’s is even limiting the number of jars sold every day.

Where’s My Cookie Butter?!

Here in Manila, Speculoos Cookie Butter is used on pancakes, doughnuts,ensaymadas and other sweet treats. It used to be available in specialty shops and online stores. The price ranges from PHP365 to as high as PHP550 for the crunchy variety.

However, prices are said to have gone higher now that supplies are very, very limited. Shortcrust, a dessert shop inside B.F. Homes Paranaque that used to sell dozens of jars this cookie butter, says they have been out of stock for weeks and have no idea when they can start selling again. Their supplier from the U.S. is said to be having difficulty shipping the cookie butter batches out.

Even balikbayans are reportedly being questioned at Customs for carrying, say, 10 or 15 jars of Speculoos Cookie Butter. For avid fans who have the EQ to wait for two to three months, you may still order Speculoos Cookie Butter from online shops such as Cookie Butter Manila or look for it on the black market.

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