A Taste Of Delectable History


Filipinos are natural foodies. Our rich history of being conquered by so many foreign countries has led us locals to obtain a unique and ultimately delectable set of Filipino cuisine. Every dish has its unique beginnings and the recipes of these dishes have been passed down from one generation after another. At Café Romulo, locals and tourists alike will be able to get a taste of traditional Filipino cuisine and enjoy the relaxing yet elegant interiors of the restaurant. Located in two cities within Metro Manila, one being in Quezon City and the other being in Makati City, getting to a branch closest to your location is not a problem.

Upon entering Café Romulo, one can immediately feel at home due to the homey and inviting feel of the interior of the restaurant. The walls are decorated with large picture portraits of various members of the Romulo Clan which makes this particular restaurant feel like home. The walls are also covered with art deco-like wallpaper which gives an aura of simple elegance, a refreshing change from the regular wooden and loud colored designs of other Filipino restaurants. The floor is made with wood and tiles to combine the traditional and modern and making it aesthetically work as part of the décor. The chairs and light fixtures are made to complement the design of the wallpaper thus adding to the elegant charm of the place. To add some color and vibrance to the restaurant’s décor, small round topiaries are placed on each table to serve as elegant centerpieces without obstructing the view of the diners. What sets this place apart from regular Filipino restaurants is the modern take it has on its décor to attract the hip and trendy crowd as well.

If the décor of Café Romulo is quite impressive, then the food being served is equally as such. Looking through the many dishes available in their menu, the restaurant makes use of traditional Filipino recipes, some of which have been passed down from one Romulo generation after another. For appetizers, one may have difficulty deciding on which ones to take a bite into. From savory Gambas to the interesting Cheese and Vigan Longganisa Dumplings, there are many starter dishes to choose from. Café Romulo also has a range of salads and soups for those who cannot live without their veggies and soups. The Pomelo Salad is a must try with its delectable strawberry vinaigrette made from strawberries from Baguio. There’s also a range of hearty soups available at the restaurant such as the Sinigang na Bangus Belly in Ripe Guava and the Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso.

Café Romulo provides their customers with an impressive selection of main dishes ranging from chicken, pork, beef and seafood. Some of the must try dishes include Lola Virginia’s Chicken Relleno, a roasted chicken stuffed with delicious ingredients such as peas, chorizo, ground pork and raisins and Tito Greg’s Kare-Kare, a traditional Filipino dish made with tripe and oxtail cooked in a peanut based sauce. Not to be left out, vegetarians will also enjoy dining at Café Romulo with their choices of equally delectable dishes such as the Paco Salad, Gising Gising, Meatless Tortang Talong and the Tofu and Ampalaya with Tausi. One must also try out Lola Felisa’s Crispy All Vegetable Canton, a combination of crispy canton noodles topped with delicious sautéed vegetables.

Dessert is also a pleasant experience. After dining on comfort Filipino food, no traditional Filipino meal will be complete without a sweet treat. For those who love the traditional fares, the Suman Latik and Leche Flan are good choices. Other dessert options also include  the Chocolate Dome, Sansrival, Mango Tango and the Chocolate Cake.

Dining at Romulo Café is an essentially affordable experience and will not cause a great dent on your wallet. However,  it is ideal to call in for a reservation as this place is well known and tables easily fill up. Parking is available at both locations and valet parking service is also being offered to lessen the burden of having to wait for a parking slot during busy days at the restaurant.

Café Romulo is a great place to have a relaxing meal with friends or with your significant other when craving for delicious and authentic Filipino dishes. With its light atmosphere and visually stimulating modern décor, every meal at the restaurant is always as pleasant dining experience.

Not only are you offered delicious Filipino cuisine, you and the rest of their customers are given a glimpse of the rich family history of the Romulo family, led by their patriarch, Carlos P. Romulo.

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