Ways to Bid Teething Discomfort Goodbye!

Every mother may have bouts of both pride and regret whenever they see their babies move from one developmental milestone to another. Pride because their babies are growing as scheduled and regret because their little darlings are slowly but surely going to be independent soon. Nevertheless, the role of mommies are very important during all these critical stages as the kids need all the support and love so that they can go through all these key periods with ease and comfort.

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One of the most troublesome stages in an infant’s life is the teething period; hence, it is also a worrisome time especially for a newbie mother. If your baby is more than 3 months old, often fussy and irritable, loses desire to eat or drink milk, salivating too much, has swollen gums, tends to chew different objects, have diaper rash, and occasional fever then your baby is most likely undergoing teething. Seeing your baby in this awful and often painful state is very heartbreaking especially since he or she cannot complain and tell you where exactly it hurts or what you can do to make his or her discomfort at least a bit better. For moms who have yet to encounter this developmental stage, it might be a confusing and panicking time since the symptoms can be mistaken for other ailments. If your child is teething here are simple tips that you can consider to help you and your baby overcome this period with ease:

  • Create a soothing atmosphere – make sure that the area where you take care of your baby is relaxed, comfortable, free from unnecessary noise, and roomy considering that this period is such an irritating time for the child and it helps a lot if the atmosphere is good.
  • Massage your baby’s gums – you can dampen a soft cloth then cover your finger with it and with a bit of pressure massage your baby’s tender gums to lessen the pain.
  • Let your child use a good quality teether – make sure that your baby’s teether is one that is made from firm and toxic-free rubber because those types with liquids inside might break from extreme pressure caused by chewing.
  • Provide comfort by cooling – a cool washcloth or teether can ease the discomfort better, hence, you may try dipping the cloth or teether in ice-cold water for a few minutes before letting your baby chew on it to better keep the pain away. Make sure that you don’t freeze the teether because it might hurt your baby more. For a more tasty treat you can also try cooling a banana or other firm fruit that your baby can bite on.
  • Keep it dry – teething stage will cause your child to drool excessively that is why you should always be ready to wipe it to avoid skin irritation. Always have a soft cloth ready and just pat dry so as not to hurt the skin.
  • See the doctor – if more symptoms appear like fever or diarrhea, it would be best to see your baby’s pediatrician to ensure that everything is still under control. Remember not to buy and use medicine without the doctor’s orders.


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