Wedding Tunes and Rings: How They’ve Changed Through the Years

It’s interesting to know that wedding rings and wedding tunes have kept up with the changing times and  leveled up, so to speak.

Tracing the Origins of the Wedding Band

While the ceremony of marriage has been around for thousands of years, the concept of the wedding ring started with the Egyptians. Since gold was abundant in their society, a thin circular band was fastened and worn by the bride. The circle represented eternity and translated to the couple being together in this life and the next.

The Greeks, on the other hand, created wedding rings from ivory, hemp and leather. For them it symbolized everlasting love. For the Romans, the wedding ring was fashioned out of metal. It was their civilization that started the practice of wearing the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. Their belief was that the vena amor – literally meaning the vein of love – ran from the ring finger to the heart. Since then, the wedding ring was always worn on the ring finger and were still made from gold, metals, or other materials considered precious by society.

Wedding Bands for Men

Women from different cultures have worn wedding rings for ages. Men, on the other hand, only started wearing wedding rings about a century ago. The first and second world war had a lot to do with it. Young men being sent off to war hurriedly married their sweethearts, who in turn, wanted their husbands to wear a reminder of their relationship. Alternatively, it was a way to symbolize that this handsome man in uniform was already “taken”, but the practice caught on, and men started to wear matching wedding rings as their wives.

Traditional wedding rings for men were made out of yellow gold. It was just a plain circular band, with hardly any decoration or design. Through the years, wedding rings for both men and women became more creative and, like the wedding tunes played nowadays, reflect more of the couple’s personality and preferences.

Creativity, Like Love, Knows No Bounds

Gold remains a top choice among wedding ring materials, but other precious metals like platinum, tungsten, titanium and cobalt chrome are fast becoming favorites. Some couples prefer the industrial strength of black titanium, stainless steel and even palladium. These metals are more resistant to scratches and damage and are far easier to clean.

Apart from the myriad of modern designs, wedding rings are accented with diamonds and other precious stones. Diamond engagement and wedding rings are in fact sold nowadays as a package, with hundreds of intricate designs to choose from. If you’re looking for wedding rings and want to keep a low profile, there are plenty of options available online. Just remember to go to a reputable site  and make sure that they have a good track record of quality and integrity.

We’ve Got The Rings, Now What?

After buying the wedding rings, couples have to start the long and often tedious process of planning a wedding. Flowers, wedding venue, bridesmaid’s dresses and the wedding tunes all have to be taken care of.  Do wedding songs have to be all classy and formal? Not anymore.

The video wherein the entourage and bride entered the hall dancing to “I’ve Got a Feeling” did not only become a hot topic in social media but also broke tradition. After viewing that clip, couples realized that it was okay to be cool and have a little fun with the wedding tunes during the actual ceremony.

It is after all your wedding – so everything should be about the two of you.



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