The Best Accelerated Nursing Programs in Florida

The rapidly expanding and aging population in the State of Florida is pushing the demand for better health care and more qualified nurses. The state’s population is expected to balloon to a massive 20 million residents by the year 2015, and a significant number of these baby boomers will soon become retirees. To beef up the number of registered and experienced nurses in the state, universities and colleges have been aggressively accelerated nursing programs in Florida.

Why an Accelerated BSN Program?

Nursing education in Florida is one of the most active and in all of the US. The state has over 120 nursing schools, and almost all of them are offering accelerated BSN programs. This is an attempt to meet the projected shortage of about 7,000 nurses over the next few years.

The accelerated nursing degree was designed for people who want to become registered nurses in a short period of time. The program typically runs from 12 to 18 months for the bachelor’s degree and about three years for the master’s program. Graduates of any four-year course can sign up for the fast-track nursing program. However, those who came from a science or medical background are at an advantage because they have already completed and passed the pre-requisite subjects and courses.

The 12 or 18 months is dedicated to intense lessons, exams and clinical hours spent in practical application of nursing skills. This puts graduates of accelerated nursing programs in Florida at par with regular nursing students in terms of clinical experience. They are also eligible to take the  National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) after completing the coursework.

What an Accelerated BSN Program Can Do For YOU

An accelerated nursing program can offer an individual a second career and a better source of income. Nurses start with a pay of about $30 per hour and this can increase rapidly as he or she picks up more skills and specialize in particular fields.

Accelerated nurses have proved to be more mature, dedicated and determined on the job. And, since they are already professionals in their respective fields, they are admired for readily adjusting to the physical, emotional and clinical demands of their new career. Fast-track nursing program graduates quickly become team leaders, supervisors, clinical instructors or administrators.

Where to Sign Up For an Accelerated Nursing Program?

The University of Florida and the University of Miami are just two of the major campuses that offer fast-track nursing courses. Their curriculum has been screened and approved by the Florida State Board of Nursing as well as the Commission on the Collegiate Nursing Education.

The nursing education outlined in their accelerated programs focus on a healthy balance between academic knowledge and actual experience. Students are given opportunities to learn from expert nursing faculty as well as gain hands on experience from clinical cases.

Their network of clinical partners give students the necessary exposure to different kinds of cases and people from all walks of life. This teaches the graduate of accelerated nursing programs in Florida how to give the best patient care to each individual he encounters.


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