Lifeshield in New Jersey

It is no surprise that New Jersey is home to the most number of scientists anywhere in the US. Revolutionary inventor Thomas Edison created the phonograph, motion picture projector, and the light bulb in his laboratory at Menlo Park.

More importantly,  paleontology, the study of dinosaur fossils was born in Haddonfield, New Jersey in  1858. The news that an almost complete skeleton of the Hadrosaurus was dug up in New Jersey sent thousands of people flocking for a look see – and paleontology was a hot item in the field of science since then.

Living in New Jersey

The State of New Jersey also has the 11th largest population in the US. Almost 94 percent of the population is living in highly urbanized areas. New Jersey is also the 6th most densely populated state and peoples of all ethnicities are welcome here. Every year, about half a million immigrants make their way to different cities in New Jersey and settle down there.

As the largest chemical producing state, New Jersey is a progressive and modern state to live in. Home to the Miss America pageant held in Atlantic city, tourism is also a booming industry here.  However, for all its modern factories, plants and imposing structures, New Jersey has managed to keep its roots firmly planted in nature. There are over 50 resort cities and towns that provide the nature-lover a great hideaway or escape from city life.  Among the most popular are Seaside Heights, Wildwood, Asbury Park and Cape May.

Food is also a big thing in New Jersey. Hailed as the state with the most number of diners, there’s something for every kind of palate and taste here. The arrival of immigrants have made the state a melting pot of flavors and spices as reflected in its countless food offerings.

Do You Need a Security System in New Jersey?

Home security in the state can be a cause for concern. With the highly urbanized lifestyle, break ins and robberies can occur in more affluent neighborhoods. Lifeshield New Jersey has been offering home security and protection services for various neighborhoods and communities for years. This, coupled with vigilant community involvement and police efforts, have kept crime rates in different cities down to a manageable rate.

Home Security Tips for New Jersey Residents

  1. Be careful whom you open your doors to – about 40 percent of burglaries in the US are not forced entries so be very careful about letting people into your home. If a utility person, delivery guy or agent comes knocking, always ask for identification. Home security should be a priority no matter where you live.
  2. Install an electronic alarm system – Lifeshield New Jersey is a reliable and high-decibel alarm system. Intruders will have second thoughts about breaking in to your home when they see that you have a high tech alarm system installed.
  3. Safety in Numbers – home security is everyone’s concern. Join your neighborhood watch and be active in crime watch activities. Joint efforts make any community a safer place to live in.

Use These Links to Report Crime:

Crime Stoppers of Somerset, NJ —>

New Jersey State Police →

New Jersey State Park Police →


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