Are Accelerated Nursing Schools Right for You?

It has been projected that the US will need at least one million incoming registered nurses by the year 2018 to support its expanding and aging population. Due to immigration restrictions, bringing in nurses from abroad is no longer a viable option. This development has led to the creation of accelerated degree programs in nursing. Accelerated nursing schools have ben set up to offer creative and innovative courses to increase the number of American  nurses.

The accelerated programs are offered at both the college and master’s degree levels. Individuals who had taken up medical related courses stand to benefit the most from this fast-track to nursing coursework. For example, doctors, pharmacists, or medical technologists who have been practicing their professions can take an accelerated nursing program and finish the course in one year. This is because medical courses share plenty of similar subjects and courses.

Transitioning Into a Nursing Career

Accelerated nursing schools offer individuals not just the fastest route to getting a degree in nursing, but also a second lease at a professional career. The recent economic downturn had  led thousands of employees  and workers to lose their jobs, and many have readily explored the idea of taking up an accelerated nursing degree, even those who came from non-medical disciplines.

An accelerated nursing program takes anywhere from eleven to eighteen months to finish, while the accelerated nursing program can take as short as three years to accomplish. This timetable is applicable to individuals who have already taken the general and pre-requisite courses in their previous degrees.

Due to its increasing popularity, accelerated nursing schools can now be found in almost all US states. These schools offer as many as 235 different accelerated BSN programs depending on what aspect of nursing the student is interested to specialize in. There are also 63 fast-track masters in nursing courses offered by nursing schools across the US. The programs were designed to help the student complete the course objectives in a short period of time by banking on their earlier learning experiences – including their actual experiences while practicing their respective professions.

High Standards and Expectations

Accelerated BSN programs are no walk in the park. Students are in fact discouraged from working during the months that they are enrolled in the program. The lessons are intense, and the courses   must be completed one after the other without any breaks or vacation time. Individuals who want to take a fast-track BSN course must be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally before signing up for the program. Accelerated degree students are expected to put in as much work and clinical hours as other regular nursing students.

A BSN degree will open plenty of opportunities to its graduates, but it also expects a lot in return from them. The ideal accelerated nursing student is one who is more mature, motivated and possesses higher academic prowess than the regular nursing student. Accelerated nursing schools are looking for a great level of determination and enthusiasm from applicants as well as sincere desire to practice excellent health care after completing the course.


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